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Well, I went to see the new GP this morning. She was very nice and apologised but, as I expected, was not allowed to prescribe NDT. So back to buying it. However I have been recommended a Therapist in town who as well as being a Nutritionist and Nturopath does all sorts of different therapies. Good reputation and lots of professional letters after her name.

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  • She is lying, ask her for evidence they are not allowed to prescribe it. They can, they just won't. Doesn't fit the big pharma/nhs agenda. As for formal written evidence, she won't be able to provide any.

  • Doctors follow the guidelines of the BTA. Some doctors will prescribed NDT on a named-patient basis but they have to bear the consequences if patient has problems.

  • Interesting. Do you know why the BTA is so anti-NDT?

  • Big pharma has so persuaded the American Thyroid Association (along with monetary persuasions to the doctors I have read) when first promoting levo in the late 50's plus the blood tests as 'perfect'. They have millions of dollars at their disposal. They have also persuaded many that statins are the answer and considering low thyroid hormones increase cholesterol many get those prescribed as well. The only problem with that is that cholesterol reduces as we get to an optimum of thyroid hormones and statins can affect our muscles.


    Remember to tell your doctor about any other medications you may be taking, since certain drugs can interact with your thyroid medication. These include oral contraceptives, estrogen, testosterone, certain anti-seizure medications, cholesterol-lowering medications (statins) and some antidepressants. Certain foods can also interfere with your body’s absorption of thyroid hormone, including iron, calcium, and soy

    As many thousands do o.k. on levo but I suspect if not on an optimum dose they may develop other more serious illnesses and even if they don't there is no alternative for them unless they search the internet for one of the Thyroid Forums then they educate themselves and hopefully recover their health.

  • Thanks Shaws. What is BTA ?

  • It stands for the British Thyroid Association. Sometimes we mention RCoP (Royal College of Physicians) :)

  • Of course, she IS allowed to prescribe NDT on a named patient basis, but that means taking responsibility for the decision and your health, which GPs these days just aren't willing to do.

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