New GP ..UMMM not sure???

Update: Well i got a doc again today was supposed to get a woman been ovr a month so cause I need one had to take what was available and well grrr just a different version of my last GP (sigh) wants to run my TSH ..blow me I said in my mind hahaha why for dum dum I know more than he does lol???? TSH levels tells u nothing mine is always in normal range low end and I told him that he said he was curious so I will be his fn guinea pig!! WTH I need a Dr that knows my Endo is 1 maybe 2 levels above as knowledgeable to me so fn frustrated sick and tired.. this Dr should read thyroid for dummies GP edition..haha for crying out loud is there no fn help!! GRRRRRRR sorry feel like I am starring in the Exorcist right now cept my head does not turn all the way aroun dwish it did I would do it for the Dr's twits that they r !

Sorry just venting home alone again as no one can handle me! :(

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  • How infuriating, Menothyro. Why the heck can't they understand that TSH + FT4 is necessary to see what's going on. :x

  • Clutter Yes those 2 plus other testing my head turns when they focus on just TSH because mine was always below 2 which is supposed to be optimal but yet I find out after 6 months of labs being normal that I have 4 nodules and a cyst YIPPEEE WOW was gobsmacked my neck did not look or feel lumpy but my Gyno listened thank the Lord or I may still be in the dark but moving on more tests and possible surgery to remove the nodule endoscopically by Xmas so a yr basically of Dr's appt's and hell in a handbasket lol!! I thought it was just menopause symptoms haha and so di my Dr's . I am scared of doing anything gfor fear of worsening things I read so many cries for help people on meds is sad :( I am not taking any anti-thyroid meds soooo many serious side effects and fear of thyroid storm being borderline both. I just refuse to do that! I will take NDT too come hell or high water no poisions ever again! :)

  • Menothyro, does removing the nodule via endoscopy mean the rest of your thyroid will be intact or do they take half the thyroid to remove it?

  • not sure Clutter it really depends if it fixed I guess so they may have to take some hoefully only a bit or maybe only part of the nodule which is better than nothing. I am totally at a loss to know for sure I see the ENT on Sept 10th so will know more then .My Endo I see after that so nothing was explained to me. I just opted out of what the Endo offered me as I wanted to explore more options and I do hope it can be removed that way and no meds might be a better option for a lot of fee peeps who are struggling with their meds unless they have no other option. I will let you know more when I do me the broken record...:) X

  • Ha , I know that feeling. I am seeing a new doctor now myself & asked her about taking NDT or maybe adding in some T3 ( I'm only on eltroxin T4) and she looked at me blankly and said she never heard of NDT at all :(

  • Gemab_ is the Dr an Endo twit or a GP twit :(

  • A GP twit ;)

  • lol :)

  • Gema, NDT isn't licensed for use in the UK and med students are taught that Levothyroxine is the only correct treatment for hypothyroidism so it isn't surprising that your GP didn't understand what NDT is or even natural dessicated pig/bovine thyroid. She may possibly have heard of Armour or Erfa but will probably think it is as dodgy as crack cocaine.

  • She hadn't heard of any other treatment for it, I'm in Ireland. Don't know what they teach them here but yes seems that Levo is the only cure!

  • Hi Gema_b a cure or curse? It would seem the latter & wish there was a cure but is there one?? Sadly it does not look that way or we would not be on or have this community. We would need no meds because it seems they can be more of the latter also :)

  • Hugs and sympathy, Meno. This is a good place to vent. We all know what you're going through here. Wish it was easier to get something useful and sensible done for our problems by the NHS. :o(

  • Thx Humphrey feels good to hear that although I feel I have been under attack by posters ..we are supposed to be here for one another to band together and not make assuptions about someone else's HELL! GoddBless X :)

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