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I went back today to have my blood pressure checked again as it was high on Monday.

She wants to put me on BP pills. These do not suit me and I told her I think it may have gone up due to a reduction in my Levothyroxine. Of course she couldn't see that. I asked what wAs my T3 reading and she said 4.5 which is well within guidelines . I pointed this out and she wouldn't have it as they go by TSH. I told her I was a member of a support group and she said she couldn't think why I would want to do that.

GOing to try Cayenne pepper for the BP. I am well fed up now.

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  • Instead of just asking the GP for the test results, go to reception and ask for a copy of the test results with ranges pointing out under the Data Protection Act 1998 it is your right to have them.

    Do this asap taking a notebook and pen with you in case you have to make the request in writing.

    You may have to wait 3-5 working days before they release them to you.

    Once you have them post them online here in a new thread like this -

    TSH 4 (0.35-4.2)

  • Yes good idea.

  • Sylvia22,

    I guess you belong to a support group because your GP's treatment is not making you fell well.

    Perhaps you could buy some Levothyroxine online and self medicate to see whether your BP comes down.

  • Exactly

  • Isn't CoQ10 meant to help BP? And Magnesium?

  • Yes. I take both of these.

  • I guess the hassle you get from your gp can put your blood pressure up!

  • Check. BP at home , mine is always fine . At docs it is high !

  • I agree with this. Mine is high every time I go to hospital and sometimes with my GP but it is always fine at home. My GP has accepted that I haven't got high blood pressure and therefore don't need any medication for it.

  • THink that may be my problem. I get my self into a state because I did have very high BP due to the pill years ago and was almost hospitalised.

  • I had misdiagnosis of cancer some time ago, I remain disempowered by anyone in white. It always sends BP up !

    They made me feel an idiot at that time and that my tummy pain was in my head 😒 I never really recovered my confidence in my own judgement

  • SO sorry you had this terrible experience and hope that in time you will regain your self confidence.

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