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mcs and emf

hi guys as far as i know my t3 and t4 are low so i i must have a under active thyroid wot i wanted to ask was does anyone else in this forum suffer from mcs and emf sensitivitys? i myself do my eyes have gone very red and go very more red when i get close to pcs ect and if take anythink chemical and breath any think chemical like diesel from my own research im thinking its cause my body is running so slow due to the lack of t3 my body temp is very low also so yh does any1 else get it? thanx mark

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Um... :)

My brain fog is super bad today (I got glutened on Tuesday and my brain is still mush).

What's "mcs", "emf" and "pcs"? Apologies if it's text speak - I don't know much of that, so get easily confused.

I do know that some hypothyroid people react very strongly to smells.


yh i can smell the slightest chemical ie i always smell the chlorine in the tp water where most people wouldnt


I'll hazard a guess at:

Multiple chemical sensitivity; Electromagnetic field; and PCs (i.e. 'pooters).

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