T3 + diet and exercise

Hi , everyone) This is such a great community and was wondering if you could help me with my question. I have been feeling poorly for a number of years ( low metabolic rate ( measured it) , thin hair, low body temp, low pulse, dry skin , foggy thinking , weight gain etc) , suspecting it was my thyroid, but doctors just looked at my TSH and T4 stating that my thyroid is ok. Even though my T3 was low ( barely normal range) . So , I have started self medicating until my temp , pulse etc got in the normal range and my blood test results indicated optimal levels. Here is a question: I am planning to start a fairly intense exercise and diet regime ( exercise is not new, I have exercised, moderately, an hour a day for the last year) , wishing to lose 40 pounds I gained over the years. 3.5 months before my wedding.

I have heard that exercise and diet decreases the levels of T3 in the body. Does it also apply if I am taking T3 in a tablet form ( the body does not need to produce it) , or it will still decrease ( i.e. tablets would not get absorbed by the body as much or something) and I would have to increase my doses as I continue with my weight loss program?

Thank you so much in advance for your replies :)

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  • Yuliyam,

    If you are exercising intensively you will be using up the T3 you have absorbed. If you find recovering from exercise is taking a couple of days you might want to increase dose. Have you been monitoring your T3 levels with blood tests? It is important to keep T3 levels within range.

  • Thank you so much for your reply :) Yes, I have been monitoring my blood levels. But I guess I will have to do it more often now with these new regime. Do you think every 4 weeks would suffice? Thank you again for taking your time to answer me :)

  • Yuliyam,

    Six to eight weeks after any dose adjustment will be sufficient.

  • Thank you for your help :) Have a great day :)

  • I run twice a week and always take and extra 6.25mcg before a run.


  • Thank you so much for letting me know. That's very interesting. May I ask, please, how intense is the workout?

  • Also, do you take this additional dose together with your normal dose of T3 ( e.g. in the morning) or completely separate right before a workout ?

  • Chloe- I am running everyday for 1 hour at least. Can you tell me how you figured taking the 6.25mg of T3 before a run? Do you notice a difference? I am thinking about trying it today, but I am not sure how much is enough for me? I take alot of T3 only.😰

  • Hey Entrance.

    I had to go with what worked for me so I always felt awful the day after a run.. like it took me far too long to recover so I tried taking A little extra t3 before and it just seemed to help my run and my recovery. It's pretty personally tho, you would have to see what works for you.


  • Chloe. Far enough. I tried 1/2 a pill today. I was a little faster. I will see how my recovery goes ! Thanks so much !!

  • Yes, it will negate your T3.

  • thank you :)

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