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help with latest results please


help with latest thyroid blood tests please..

I've just had my 3rd private blood test done in the hope it still shows below range t3 and low other levels so I can finally be treated for secondary hypothyroidism but these latest results my t3 is back in range which I know sounds stupid but it's not good news as now when i see a private endocrinologist they'll say I'm ok and all results are in good range .

I think this means I just have to accept I won't get diagnosed or maybe this isn't a thyroid issue....i can't see it not being but can you lovely people give you opinions again. ( my ferritin is strange being 38 as I had ferritin done at my doctors last week and it was 17..range 15 to 200)


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Those results ft4 and Ft3 may be in range but only just. I would not be happy with them. You need to emphasise the difference between in range and optimal. Yes your results fall within a set of figures but they are not optimal for you. You are may be someone who needs ft 4 and Ft3 at the higher end or in the middle of the range to feel well.

thank last test t3 was under range and the one before t4 under range and like you say surely all my levels should be more mid range at least when I feel so poorly..but because I'm in range now I won't get anywhere fighting the doctors


Are you supplementing to improve low B12, folate and eating plenty of iron rich foods to improve low ferritin ?

Daily vitamin C might help improve iron absorption

Reason your ferritin might have risen.....if you eat meat or other iron rich foods before test

No vitamin D test ?

yes I take a good quality B complex I have for over a year and my b12 has gone up but my folate has dropped by half...maybe I need to take a separate folic acid and I hadn't eaten anything iron rich which is odd...i have all the symptoms of low ferritin and or low folate too

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Which vitamin B complex?

Obviously when you stop taking this a week before testing it can drop a bit by the test

it's from the local health shop ..its Natures Aid b complex 50 plus vit c..the folate is 200ug ..i didn't stop meds before my test though

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It contains folic acid...but folate may be better.

Doesn't seem to say what form of B12 (likely cheap)

Recommended brands on here are Igennus Super B complex. (Often only need one tablet per day, not two. Certainly only start with one tablet per day after breakfast. Retesting levels in 6-8 weeks ).

Or Jarrow B-right is popular choice, but is large capsule

If you are taking vitamin B complex, or any supplements containing biotin, remember to stop these 7 days before any blood tests, as biotin can falsely affect test results

Low vitamin D and low B vitamins may be linked as explained here

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It is cyanocobalamin, also contains folic acid, that's a cheap B Complex with the wrong form of those ingredients. Also these B50s, B100s, etc, aren't a good idea, they're not well balanced. You certainly don't want 50mg B6 daily when the the recommended amount is 10mg and long term use of high dose B6 can cause neurological problems.

Thorne Basic B or Igennus Super B are more expensive but better balanced and contain bioavailable forms of the active ingredients.

thank you I thought by buying from a traditional homeopathic shop they'd be good i'll look at the ones you've suggested. my Vit D was ok last year mid range bit 6 months prior I'd been supplementing I haven't since or retested I mightstart again i have 1000 and 5000 tablets maybe start lower.

as for biotin I had no idea they affected the test I've taken them daily including on thex test day for the last 3 tests how can they affect it? thanks

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If Biotin is used in the testing procedure - and many labs use it - and we take Biotin, then it can give false results, so it's best to leave any supplement containing Biotin off for 7 days.

You should retest Vit D before restarting supplement so that you know you are taking the appropriate dose. Too little and it wont help, too much and as excess Vit D gets stored it can build up and lead to toxicity. There are also important cofactors needed when taking D3 - magnesium and Vit K2-MK7, so if you post your Vit D result when you've tested further help can give given.

You can do a private fingerprick blood spot test with an NHS lab which offers this test to the general public for £29:

I can't see vit d being deficient as I work outside a lot so I do get sunshine but once we get to October i'll do a test to see and supplement if needs be.

as for the biotin would that mean my low levels aren't that low or that they could be lower ?

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I can't see vit d being deficient as I work outside a lot so I do get sunshine

Not necessarily. We're not all good at making Vit D efficiently from the sun. Our member who lives in Crete has to take Vit D supplements.

as for the biotin would that mean my low levels aren't that low or that they could be lower ?

No way of knowing I'm afraid, all that is said is that it can give "false results".

I've found Jarrows B right that the one ?

just ordered the jarrow b right so hopefully I can raise my folate do you think my results for thyroid are not pointing to any issue ? I was so convinced with all other tests showing below range in at least on..

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All your thyroid tests in previous posts and this one suggest central hypothyroidism

Low FT4 low FT3 and low TSH

Getting vitamins optimal is essential

Have you had ultrasound scan of your thyroid?

Have both TPO and TG thyroid antibodies always been low?

One in five Hashimoto's patients never have raised antibodies

Suggest you see pituitary and thyroid specialist

yes my antibodies have akwa6s been low and secondary hypothyroidism I agree with sadly the doctors don't. their last blood test showed low in all levels and said there was no issue so they won't retest again or ask again in 5 years !! hence me keep go8ng private so no I haven't had a scan on my pituitary. I was hoping to see a private endocrinologist and that they'd confirm the secondary hypo and then refer me back to the nhs for the pituitary scan..with all my levels being in range albeit low for the first time in 4 years I don't have much hope even a private endo will give me a diagnosis.

all I can do is take the jarrow b right to try to up my folate and take a stronger iron to raise my ferritin

Emphasise that you need to be OPTIMAL not in range. Most people don't feel good unless their free T3 and Free T4 are in the upper quarter. TSH does not give accurate indication of hypothyroidism. It can be low because you're not eating enough calories.

You need a full iron panel.

Never take folic acid. You need folate. People with hypothyroidism have low stomach acid so Google the backing soda test for that and then start betaine pepsin.

Good luck with the Endo.

this is the only blood test where all my levels were within range some only just but always either t4 or t3 have been under range..they are only concerned that you're in range doesjt matter if its rock bottom.. I have felt so ill for 6 years but to the doctors it's not thyroid related I just know it is.

I've bought jarrow B right complex I was recommended yesterday instead of the one I was taking so hopefully that'll be the right kind of folate.

when you mention low stomach acid I suffer from periods of reflux so is that not high stomach acid ? thanks

I'm changing to a new local surgery soon so should I say straight away that all blood tests and symptoms point to hypopituarism and that I need my pituitary hormones testing and pitutiary scan? this seems more relevant than keep re-testing the thyroid hormones? I asked on a pitutiary site and there are hormones more specific to a it affecting my thyroid hence me having secondary hypothyroidism?

Hi there..i changed to the Jarrow b complex as recommended I took my first dose today but I've had an awful reaction I literally itch everywhere I've almost scratched to that's that for me I can't take any more tablets..does anyone know what's caused that I've never had that reaction before on b complex thanks

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