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Great article of finnish health care!


Some people have the idea that health care is so good in Finland.

They now have call back system in most local hospitals which means they might call you back.

Recently my mom tried to get an appointment. She called the hospital every day and they never called back. She had to go there and wait hours to get to nurse to book an appointment. No apologise. They said she never called them. But she did! I called them too and I know it was the right number as I heard the message saying this is call back system, we will call you.

And it is true, good doctors go to private. Bad ones to public health care. Tho there are some great doctors , but you can't choose your doctor. And they rotate doctors, so with extremely long waiting times it is hard to get an appointment with same doctor. So each time you get different treatment and different diagnosis.

Like I said there are good doctors too who are very efficient and skilled. I have had excellent care few times

Things went smooth and fast. First time I injured my ankle, doctor came to waiting room see my ankle, was given wheelchair, pushed to x-ray immediately and back in 15 minutes. Again doctor came to waiting room in between other patients to see x-rays. Gave directions to nurse and sick leave for five weeks. It took 30 minutes total plus waiting for grudges.

For my second knee surgery the doctor organised the surgery one week from the appointment. He did perfect job with my knee and fixed it for good.

Efficiency like that saves up money! Now low skill wannabe doctors are pushing patients from doctor to doctor. Bad doctor is expensive to the system.

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Interesting article Justiina and thank you for bringing it to our attention. Many of us have always assumed that the Scandinavians enjoy a more people-centred life so was very surprised to read the difficulties being faced.

Definitely an eye-opener with regard to the poorest literally being at the bottom of the pile, similar presumably to the health care system in the USA. For a country with such a small population there really is no excuse.

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