Short synacthen for adrenals

Hello, has anyone had this test? I would really appreciate some feedback and advice as I am becoming increasingly anxious about having it on Thursday. I do struggle with any sort of stress. I have had 2 low morning cortisol blood test results instigated by myself, one with Blue Horizons, now the NHS is finally following up. I do have Hashimoto's and have been self medicating with Cortef for about the last year for what I felt was severe adrenal fatigue but am now worried I may have Addisons.

Many thanks for any feedback .

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  • Waste of time, see my posts elsewhere

  • Hi, thanks very much for responding to my post. Could you tell me how to access your posts elsewhere as I'd be very interested in your experiences and knowledge.

  • Hi, just thought I'd let you know that I had the short synacthen test this week and the results show that I do have Addisons disease so not a waste of time. I do appreciate your reply and am fully aware of the limitations of our NHS. That said I did consider not going for it after reading your comment as my anxiety was sky high and I was dreading the ordeal. I would say to anyone on here we are all different and to follow your gut instinct whilst reading and informing yourself as much as possible.

  • Most people have no reaction to it. Some feel better! It made me cry but for no reason; I just couldn't stop. You probably need to stop the Cortef about 6 weeks before the test but check with doctor. They are very unlikley to prescribe anything even if the test is abnormal - it's just the first step. After that comes MRI or CT and probably insulin stress test.

  • Hello, thanks so much for your reply. I do seem to get extremely anxious about just about anything and do suffer with panic attacks so was wondering I'd this test will bring one on? I don't think I could survive if I had to stop my Cortef and I haven't told them that I take it but will when I'm there. I was told by another hospital where I was originally having the test to not take any Cortef that morning so I will do that and hope I cope. Did you get any answers after your test ? I've been ill for 28 years with so called ME and wasn't diagnosed with Hashimoto's until about 10 years ago and that was by a chiropractor! I did suffer a head injury and whiplash and have never been the same, this feels like my only hope. Would love to know how things worked out for you. Many thanks.

  • No, I ended up having to cure myself (not that I'm quite right, but much better). Adrenal supplements, change of job, meditation, counselling, sleeping etc.

  • So have you ever used Cortef? I have chronic insomnia so am a Temazepam addict as I literally couldn't sleep at all although taking a small amount of Cortef at night is beginning to help. Which adrenal supplements did you take, Nutrition Adrenal just seems to make me more jittery but I take vitamin C regularly plus multi vits, selenium etc etc, never sure if they do anything. I feel a lot better about tomorrow so thanks very much.

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