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short synacthen test

Hi all has anyone had this test done. went to see endo in August told him i feel as ill as i did before i was diagnosed with hashi,s sent me a letter this week saying my TSH was 0.06 which is still not quite normal your free thyroxine hormone levels are 16.8 all other tests were normal Ferritin,folate,B12,Blood count,esr,coeliac screen,glandular fever screen,ANA,ANCA. I feel so ill i am taking 75 levo mon-sat then50 on sundays i have been like this for years im cold,then sweating, low mood,stomuch pains dioherrah, nausea, cant eat and now in last few days i thunk i have tonsillitis again i had 3 bouts of this earlier on this year going gp in morning have to go for this test on friday

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Don't believe any doctor who tells you that your results are normal. Always ask for print-outs of all results with ranges. You are still on a low dose of thyroxine and your FT4 has huge room for improvement. Insist on having the FT3 test. If necessary, take someone with you and don't take no for an answer.

When you have all the results, come back and post them all.


Yes I had this test last week. It is to test your adrenal function and ability to generate cortisol. You are given a blood test to start to ascertain your base level then injected with something designed to stimulate your adrenals to produce cortisol. Blood is then taken at half hourly intervals to measure the change in hormone levels. It is no more painful than having a blood test but just a lot of sitting about so take a magazine or something. The result should be about a week.


What time of day was it done? SS tests should be done early in the morning! I turned up for mine at 9 am and finally got the test done at 1.30 pm!! The doctor said,' These tests always come up negative'. To which I replied,' That's because doctors don't know the difference between adrenal FATIGUE and adrenal FAILURE!! He ignored me of course, I am only the patient....


I actually had an abnormal one! But nothing was ever done.


Thanks all for help going to pick up my printed results on friday when i go for tests been to docs today have tonsilitis again 4th bout this year gp said see how this test goes friday if no results then have to look into whats wrong with me further


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