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Short Synacthen Test

Hi all

Yesterday I woke up feeling really well and thought I was in for a good day. (You know that pleasurable feeling when you don't ache and its going to be a good day as opposed to a bad one) I was secretly hoping it was going to be a crap day as I was having my SST test and I just think, if I am unwell surely my adrenals will not perform properly and something will show in the test (sounds mad but I'm sure some of you will understand)

So off we go for my SST. I have waited since February for it!

We drove for about 40 minutes to get to the hospital. It was a gloriously sunny day but unfortunately it gave me a real migraine (light sensitivity, tree lined roads) by the time we got to the hospital. My headache developed into whole body aches and pains.

I rested for a while before I went in for the test and managed to get it done.

All day after the test I was good for nothing. My legs could hardly carry me. I don't think it was anything to do with the SST, I felt the same as I do when I have a bad day with my FM/CFS, muscle and joint aches and pains with a headache.

I have never before associated my whole body pain with light sensitivity. It has set me thinking that there must be a neurological connection to FM/CFS/Hypo.

Something else to chat to the GP about!

I have to go to the Eye hospital tomorrow re floaters and flashing lights to the one side of my vision. My optician has sent me only as a precaution. I hope I see a good Doctor, I will discuss the light sensitivity with him.

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I've read several times that light sensitivity is a symptom in underactive thyroid! I find the lights coming towards me from traffic at night to be an issue. Also, dislike the bright light the optician uses to look in your eye. Have always felt a bit embarrassed and wimpy about this.

Good luck with your appointment.



What I don't like is the light glaring down at you in the denstit's chair. Sometimes I just have to close my eyes to shut it out and then get snapped at by the dentist to keep my eyes open. Why? So he can make sure I'm still alive??? Doesn't really inspire conficence, does it. lol



It is strange that he insists on you keeping your eyes open. My dentist gives his patients a pair of sunglasses to wear when he switches on the bright light.


Oh, what a good idea! I'll have to take my own next time.



After being treated for, umm, a year or more I realised that I can now often drive fair distances at night without any problems at all. Possibly better than thirty years ago! Was never bad, but I knew that oncoming headlights made driving more tiring.

(Maybe headlamp optics and alignment have also helped on that 30 year time-scale. But not so much as thyroid hormone, I am sure!)



well i cannt bear bright light either, my pupils NEVER expand!--- and i cant bear noise either, no cinema its too loud, noise and bright light ggrr!. seems nothing works when the thyroid is out.


I don't like noise either. I have to think twice about the cinema.

Went to see the eye specialist today, as suspected it is Posterior Vitreous Detachment. Not a problem as long as it doesn't tear the retina off!

When I first went in, the nurse tested my pupil reaction to the light. She said my left eye was laggy. I thought Hooray someone is going to connect this to my adrenal fatigue. She asked a colleague to have a look (this nurse was very busy and in a hurry) she had a quick look and said "No it's fine" So that to me was a lost chance, if you can understand me.

I then went in to see the specialist

I asked her about Light sensitivity and migraine, I have still got a headache that has been going on for 3 days now since my drive in the sunshine to the hospital on Tuesday for my adrenal test. She pretty well denied it could be a problem. She obviously didn't know the first thing about it. She just avoided all questions, and even said I might need a blood pressure tablet. (Nobody had done my BP) How bad is that! she is supposed to be able to answer queries about eyes surely.

I just wonder how these so called doctors are trained. They know no more than I do about Hypothyroidism.

Betty x


betty is is all a load on 'mens bits'---- dr rida arem i think that is right--- tells you in his book that people with thyroid have problems with eyes in the sun and i know cos it happened to me ,one day on the beach too much sun and my God my eyes swelled an dthe pain and watering was HORRENDOUS, lik e needles in my eyes i had to drive home without opening my eyes i must have had an ANGEL, DRIVING MY CAR Cos i dont know how i got home, bp tablet what a atheic excuse they need to read som ebloody books... how can the detcatchnement be fine?and light sensitivity is big problem hence my day onthat dreaded beach in the sun. i bought some wrap around sun glasses after that so no sun gets thru they are oakley and cost o afortune in 2005 .


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