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T3 - yes or no

Hi, not a long post like yesterday I promise.

Another sleepless night trawling through thyroid info on the net. As many of you know my GP is definitely a "quack" so I am thinking of buying some T3 tablets.

I take 50mg levo.

In fact I'm going to do some retail therapy on the pharmaceutical website. Already take Vit d but my GP only gave me 3 months and said he won't prescribe it again as I can buy it (but I am entitled to free melds) bloody cheek making me paid for it!

Anyway I'm going to buy:

Vit D

Vit B12

Folic Acid (again only given 3 months)

T3 - brand advice please and how do I calculated dosage

Should I add anything else sick and tired of being sick and tired

Thanks guys

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Make sure Vit D is D3 and not D2. Vitamin B12 should be methylcobalamin sublingual not cyanocobalamin.

T3 - brand may not be a problem as we all vary.

You are unwell, I believe, due to such a low dose of levothyroxine. 50mcg is a starting dose and you need increments until you feel well. Then if you're not improving you can source other thyroid hormones.

Go to the date April 22, 2007 to read about low dose of levo.

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As Shaws says, this may be quite simple to fix - you might not need T3. I think I'd start by sourcing additional levothyroxine (usually much cheaper) first and going from there. Why? Well, there's a much better chance that even an idiot doctor would consider prescribing more levothyroxine if you could demonstrate that taking more made you better. Many folk here have successfully done that - taking 75mcg or 100mcg etc when they've been prescribed less - then, when the doctor sees the blood test results for those folks on a higher dose says "keep things the same", the person replies, "Actually, those are my results on 100mcg, not the paltry 50mcg you prescribed me, so could you raise my prescription please?"

But I do understand the desire to fix things fast. And not saying that DIY isn't a way to go (as a DIYer myself, that would be hypocritical :) ).


Yes fully agree with the more T4 approach first.

do you have the FT4 blood test result and your TSH result. This will help guide you on dosing T4.

The Ft4 range is usually 10-22. So if you are around 12 then you are low in range and need more T4. The principle is the same as looking at the fuel gauge on the car.

If you have an Ft4 of 25 it shows the T4 is storing up and is not being used. This is no good for the body and when this process starts it is better to lower the T4 a bit and introduce a little T3.

If you do go for T3 always start low. A 1/4 tablet is the best starting dose.

then slowly increase by 1/4 doses every week or so.

But do try more T4 first.


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