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Hello, I have been on 100mg of Levothyroxine for years and not felt better. I have bought nature throid. My question is how do I go about the change over, I thought one grain to begin with and increase by one quarter every ten days or so? Also how long do I need to have sopped the levo before I begin? many thanks for any help offered



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  • I would start by taking your waking temperature every morning. I would think if you are undermedicated your temperature will be low and needs t0 be around 36.9. Have you any bloods you can post with your ranges whilst on 100mcg. You may just be undermedicated and that should have been addressed. You swap straight over to NDT but start low as you need your body to get used to a little T3. Do t worry about starting low as you already have a store of T4 from the Levo. I can't remember now what dose I started on but you can do a search on here for similar posts or ask others to let you know.

  • Start low say 1/4 grain and build up over a few weeks is best DON'T do a direct swap. I'm sure most doctors will say this so they can add the we ruled that out bit!!

  • I went from 100 of levo. to one grain divided into two doses, first thing am and about 3pm. I increased steadily and have not looked back. Helpful to have pill cutter, BP machine and thermometer. Ideally take basal temp and BP for a period before the dissiccated Thyroid so that you have decent info. I have a pad of paper by the bed but am now transferring to an app that does whizzy things with the data. I also changed fairly promptly to one dose at night. I'm now up to 2.25 grains and finally getting somewhere. Make the change with care so that you are sure of the benefits/issues.

  • Thanks started with one and will build up slowly

  • Cwill...I have been doing similar to yourself over the last several months....my temperature is still below even though I have been on 3 grains for last few month...my tsh is repressed and t4 only just on scale...I simply cannot get t3 done unless I pay for my own bloodwork. ..I am just wondering why you decided to take all your ndt at night and how has it helped you?..i believe you convert better at night but did you have difficulty sleeping ...? And what benefits do you feel it gave you?..I am reluctant to raise anymore and am wondering if I need to look at adrenals and address those and see of my temp will raise as then maybe I will be utilising my medication better .

  • I took one dose at night for convenience and peace of mind as I have lots of supplements to fit in and getting a time with no food is difficult on two doses. I eat a light supper at 6 and take my tablet at 9.15 when I put the light out. I worried about the increases as I feel that I simply can't loose any sleep but other than a bit of a heart thump I had no issues. I use the Dr Lowe overstimulation tool:


    If you have been on dissicated Thyroid for this time really FT3 is the only valid measure. Medichecks have regular deals so the finger prick is often £29. If you are sourcing your drugs then I think that testing your FT3 is a good idea. If successfully dosed TSH will be totally suppressed and FT4 will be low.

    Re temperature I now only use one duvet and although I measure a reasonable value now I am really hating the weather at present as want to wear loads and have been lighting my fire. I would stick with the thyroid treatment to steadily increase as altering too much at once is not a good idea. And presumably you checked your vitamins and minerals before you started? And measured cortisol and DHEA if you were worried? My adrenals were supported by ordinary vitamins and minerals together with my thyroid finally being properly treated. My adrenal exhaustion of 8 years has now spontaneously resolved. And diet has to be very nutrient dense with all gut issues addressed. No short cuts here!

  • Yes definitely no short cuts lol! Myvitamins are fine..in fact vit D is way above average!..electrolytes,iron,ferritin,b vits all good ..cortisol always says ok ..but a synacthen test showed adrenal disfunction but didnt warrant steroids.....I really think it must be adrenal I have never got to optimal levels with the thyroid after several yrs of diagnosis. ..I have never felt right since last child was born 11yrago when I was 40...then followed a prolonged period of stress then went through menopause at 47.....I've never felt well and have had a daily hangover type headache that has lasted several yrs. ..all other avenues/medication have been exhaustedfor them.I don't think that I should have to take more than 3 grains ..If adrenals are out you cannot process your meds ...believe me I have gone done so many paths these last few yrs ..all of course through my own persistence and ultimately self medicating and dietry changes/complimentary therapies etc etc. ...

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