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At last he listens

Well I went to the docs again today to discuss my test results. I decided to try a different tactic today I have been trying to get refered to a specialist about my thyroid for ages but doc never would so rather that my usual telling the doc there is something still not right with my thyroid problem I have had for 6 years and him getting defensive and telling me he knows best. I asked him what my t4 was and my tsh ..I already knew as I phoned nurse but acted stupid and oblivious . then acted like I didn't know what the results mean . so he happily shared his knowledge with me and I acted in awe while he was telling me he mentioned t3 so I asked him what mine was ..knowing he hadn't tested it. He stumbled a bit then said they don't test it so i asked so how do you know my thyroid results are ok if you haven't tested my t3 and you have Just told me how important that is. He had nowhere to go with that and said I will refer you...hallelujah the penny has dropped. I left the doctors in tears as I have been fighting for this for so long. I'm praying this is the beggining of me feeling normal again. xx

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Result! Well done.


thanks x


Fairydust76, well done! There's no point in emphasising the importance of T3 and then refusing to test it. I hope the referral will be helpful and you get an endo who tests T3 in addition to TSH and T4.


fingers crossed x


I'm so pleased for you fairydust 76.......let's hope you get a good Endo.

It was the T3 question that achieved a referral for me too.

I hope you get the FT3 test 1st time of asking.I actually said to the phlebotomist........... If my test isn't done how can a consultant be expected to make an accurate diagnosis?

.......It has always been done on request ever since.


What a relief Fairydust. Pleased for you :)


Doctor egos - one of the main barriers to treatment ....


Doctors are such A@#holes!


Well done!

I went through a similar scenario with my specialist and GP not listening and have since found a new GP who listens.

It is the best feeling in the world and you just want to high 5 everyone you see!!


Nicely done ;)


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