A long and interesting article about statins and saturated fats and cholesterol

I am not ever changing my stance on saturated fats, e.g. kerrygold butter. In fact, I want my cholesterol as high as it can go, to protect my heart muscles. It's the carbs, low fat junk and sugar that are the evil doers!!!

My blood pressure is spot on, I used to have high BP, now with lots of saturated fats, very low carbs, loads of proteins, and only 1 piece of fruit a day, it's perfect!! So another one in the eye for the medical profession, proof of the pudding, is in the eating!!

I know that everyone is different, but my diet suits me down to the ground.

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  • If you don't mind my asking, what does your diet consist of? I eat about 5 servings of fruit a day, along with lots of protein (mainly from plants) and about 4 servings of veggies per day. Lots of water and a small list of supplements. My BP avg is 130/80, sometimes lower, sometimes higher. My cholesterol is at the high end of the normal range.

  • HI DantNXS, each day it's different, but the morning always consists of 5 x brazil nuts, big cup of tea, same coffee with my kerrygold butter or goat's butter in it, then a big cup of raw organic cacao. Never hungry till about 12 ish, then I have usually, either a big tub of quark with a piece of fresh pineapple, or some blueberries, maybe half a pomegranate, or a tub of cottage cheese with pineapple, or a big tub of Greek yogurt. I might have made a big cheese and courgette omelette with lots of onions, garlic and mushrooms the night before, and have a plate of that for lunch.

    Pomegranates scavange the rubbish in your blood, and unclog your arteries. It is not cholesterol that causes arterial damage, it's an excess of sugar and carbs, that raise the triglycerides. I take 2 tsp MSM pure organic crystals, and ascorbic acid daily, one dose in the morning, one not later than 2pm, or I wouldn't sleep. I am pretty flexible for 60, 7 kids, but still menstruating normally, just putting you in the picture. The MSM also keeps your arteries flexible, great for skin and hair and nails, check it out.

    I have at least 4 big cups of ceylon cinnamon with some hot milk, but mainly water in the evening, and more tea.

    Evening meal, is meat fried in virgin coconut oil, with lots of leeks, carrots, onions garlic, maybe mushrooms, or the fried meat with a big salad, including avocados and lots of extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice himalayan rock salt, and lots of that, and freshly cracked black pepper. If I feel a bit hungry later at night, I don't listen to what they say, about not eating late, if I'm hungry, I won't sleep, so I have a big hunk of whatever cheese there is in the fridge, some olives maybe. I love fish, but never eat it now, too much mercury and farm fed, even it they say it's wild, it's not even true when they put it as wild, on the restaurant menu, 9 times out of 10, who is going to question it.

    I never ever touch any white carbs, or sugar, so no bread, pasta crackers, biscuits, and I do make cakes sometimes, but never eat them.

    Supplements are, Vitamin D3 10000iu, astaxanthin 12mg, 2 tsp rosita extra virgin cod liver oil, 2 tsps of black seed oil, zinc, copper, I need my ferrous fumerate, as I amalways anemic, heavy periods since the age of 9!!! Vitamin k2 mk7, magnesium l'threonate, and biotin.

    I take 125mg of T4 last thing at night, and T3 50mg a day, one 25mg morning, and one 25mg afternoon. I self medicate with the last one, they know that I am not converting T4 to oT3, even with my selenium via the Brazil nuts, but the head prof at Newcastle, just will never ever prescribe it to us. I have proved them wrong, and now my T3 is just great.

    I go to Salsa at least twice a week, go out a few times a week on top of that, run my own shop 6 days a week, have 4 of my kids live at home, and 2 grandkids, have the whole family over a good few Sundays a month for dinner. I think that my combination of diet and supplements, just works so well for me, but we are all different, and what works for me, might make somebody else sick.

  • You eat more in a day than I eat in a week. :-) :-)

  • Hi where do you get your black seed oil, astaxanthin & k2 from please? & what is Ceylon cinnamon? I'm intrigued! Congratulations for taking responsibility for your own health & hopefully inspiring others. Do you know how you came to get a thyroid problem in the first place & do you wish you knew now back then? Thanks.

  • Hi Feelbetter, I get my black seed oil from any Halal, we have loads in the West end of Newcastle, too expensive on the net, only £4.99 for 100ml here. I buy most of my supplements from Amazon, K2 mk7 and astaxanthin, but make sure that it is 12mg also from Amazon.

    Ceylon cinnamon, is the best one, as the cassia one from the supermarkets, is not good for our liver, here is an article, but there is absolutely loads about it on the net. I also get that from Amazon. I get my Brazil nuts from lidl, cheapest around, yesterday were £1.28 for 200g, lasts a good 4 weeks, so I really can't complain, everything that I take is pretty cheap, and lasts a long time.

    I make a big cup of ceylon cinnamon, using a heaped tsp of the cinnamon, a few stevia tabs for sweeting, mainly hot water, and a bit of hot mild, just divine, but then I'm hooked. I couldn't drink as much of the cassia cinnamon, and you will see why, when you read the article.

    I think that my hypo started, when I had a horrible divorce about 12yrs ago, they say that stress is a big factor, maybe also the fluoride in our water over time, has contributed massively as well. I don't use toothpaste anymore, only this tooth and gum powder, cheap about £10 from Amazon again, lasts ages, and 80p bicarb of soda, then I oil pull as often as I can, when I remember, using virgin coconut oil, again from the Halal, I pay £3.19 for a 480ml glass jar, such a rip off on the net, including Holland and Barrett, sorry, but they are very expensive, and their vitamins, have such a low amount in them, they are not worth taking.

    I have now got one of my girls on the MSM organic suphur, and the ascorbic acid, vit c, she has full blown celiacs, asthma and now a constant bloated tum, as I said not enough HCL in her stomach, and yes what did the doc give her, antacid, mind he was intrigued and interested in what she had to say, as she listens to me. So let's see how she goes.

    Also many thanks for your very nice message, all I want is for people to get better, any help or advice that I can give, I certainly will. You take care, and let me know if you need anymore help.

  • Hello langdocienne, thank you so much for your long detailed reply. When you say Halal, I presume you mean an Indian/ethnic style shop. We have some near us in South London, so I'll make enquiries, thank you. Also, you say you make the cinnamon drink with 'hot mild'. I'm afraid I haven't heard of that either, sorry! I have been drinking bottled mineral water for the past year now. I know it's a pain lugging heavy bottles, but I don't drink juices or expensive drinks (a glass of wine or very weak watered down whisky every other day - thinking of stopping completely for Lent!). I just think water is so important and I'm sure my health problems (cancer aged 35) were partly because of my addiction to the horrific Diet Coke and Pepsi I was addicted to. At one stage I was downing 5+ cans a day!) Aspartame is rat poison.

    I'm so sorry you had a bad time with stress. Have you ever tried mindfulness meditation? I've been trying it on and off for about 7 or 8 years, and it's finally clicking, so I really recommend you try it and then go back to it and try again. I was first introduced to it for chronic pain, but it helps with stress also. My main tip is to go into it without expecting to get anything out of it. It will come even if it takes its time.

    I brush my teeth with organic coconut oil (using an electric toothbrush) and occasionally use baking soda ( feel my teeth could do with a professional cleaning though as they are a bit yellow, showing my age (40s!)

    I'm intrigued to know what you sell in your shop. Is it online? I'm a Diet & Nutrition Advisor, just starting out with my first few paying clients! This is a wonderful resource, so many people are very well informed. I often feel disappointed in my medical Consultants. I gave my private Rheumatologist a copy of The Calcium Lie II (Dr. Robert Thompson)* as she has prescribed me Calcium and I've been trying to explain to her about the necessity of a combination of minerals including Magnesium, (I take Good State liquid ionic Magnesium from Amazon) check out Dr. Carolyn Dean and her book The Magnesium Miracle about bioavailability etc.) You might change your mind about Diary products after reading the Calcium Lie. Another brilliant resource is Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis. I'm considering taking K2 as well. There is so much to do and take in. I suffer from chronic pain, and fatigue though my energy levels have improved a lot recently. I so want to help other people lose weight as I know what it's like (lost 3 stone over 20 years ago).

    Re. MSM if you can, here is another absolutely brilliant book called The Wahl's Protocol, which I'm sure you will totally love. She states the benefits of getting sulphur from vegetables as much better than from supplements. She is an amazing woman who has reversed her own MS. (Dr. Terry Wahls.)

    Another interesting point you make is that you don't eat fish. I eat wild salmon, and Atlantic Haddock, and also tinned tuna (upping my protein intake with (cold) EVOO & balsamic vinegar gives me more energy).Tonight we're having (very expensive) monkfish, so hope that is 'clean'!

    *Interesting what Dr Thompson says about ascorbic acid. What are your views on Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis HTMA?

    Anyway, thanks again. I will read your other postings. Funny how I decided to read (& not just delete) these postings today. So pleased I did😃!

    Please check out my Instagram account? healthilyolivia

    All Best wishes.

  • Hi feelbetter, ooh long mail lol. Firstly, I was only Stressed getting rid of my horrible ex, and that was over 12 years ago now. I am mega happy with my life and kids now, couldn't be happier. I have a computer repair shop, but help my customers, or point them in the right direction, so that they can inform themselves. I have never met anyone yet, even younger, that hasn't got a medical problem. I won't give medical advice, only tips on how I helped myself, which worked for me.

    My ceylon cinnamon, I buy from amazon or ebay, in fact I need some more, lasts for ages, and very cheap. I have a heaped tsp, with 2 tsp stevia, a bit of hot milk and hot water, just like making a swiss coffee.

    The Halals, are the asian shops, you know they sell Halal meats. We have just so many of them here. Have you ever tried black seed oil, they know about it, I take 1tsp in the morning, if I remember at night as well, it defo contributes to my well being.

    I wouldn't eat fish anymore, and canned tuna, has very high levels of mercury, in fact I wouldn't have anything from a can, not even tinned toms, I buy them fresh.

    Sulphur from veg is very low, because the soil is mineral deficient, so I would never rely on that now, even so-called organic. We need extra, and the MSM organic crystals are the best, just got some more for some friends from Amazon.

    I wouldn't bother with the hair tissue analysis, as I feel now great, I can't be deficient in anything!!

    OH I know all about the calcium thingy, I don't take extra, just the magnesium l'threonate together with the vit k2 mk7 and the vit d3 10000iu. I just love my cheese, especially goat's and sheeps cheese, totally organic. Am looking forward to going back to Crete in July to stay with my friend again, will bring back a big chuck of feta again, we buy it from the old bearded lady at the market in Chania, totally totally organic, and not processed at all.

    I oil pull with my virgin coconut oil, and use bicarb of soda to clean my teeth, no fluoride for me, enough with the tap water. It's still better to have tap water, than the bottled water in a placcy bottle, as that water is missing quiet a lot, so maybe the lesser of 2 evils is to continue with the tap water, better still would be to have a filter.

    I save all of my glass coconut oil jars, to put my herbs in, never ever use plastic, a microwave, and I hate that women bottle feed, including one of my daughters in law. Then she found it difficult to breast feed, I had 7, always had far too much milk lol, but then I always ate healthily, never ever any crap. I was reading a good article about fresh milk, meaning straight from the cow, lowers the incidence of allergies, asthma etc. I lived in France with my kids, on my own for a few years, and that's what they got, I collected it from the local farm, so delicious, how on earth can they make it illegal in some states in the Us. Wish there was somewhere here, we could get it at a good price. We go through about 10 pts daily in my house, and there are only 4 of the kids at home now, used to be silly amounts, should have had a cow in the back lol.

  • Hi Feelbetter, forgot to paste this, silly me!!


  • Dante..that is an awful amount of sugar, that you are ingesting, with 5 servings of fruit. Sugar causes inflation.

  • The fruits I eat are low in sugar, and to be honest it's probably not 5 servings. I add 1/4 cup of organic black cherries, organic cranberries, and organic blueberries to my morning protein shake and that's it for the day.

    I am currently doing the Mediterranean plan, which limits fruit, grains, and dairy.

  • i am getting type 2 diagnosis off and on for years, so i try to keep all sugar to a minimum.

  • HI faith63, I have just posted a truly good article about the ketogenic diet. I have known about it, for a while. I actually follow it, without even knowing that that's what it was called. My sister in law, had breast cancer, and was advised to follow it last year, she is fine now, but still had a mastectomy, but that was before she was told about it.

    The diet, which I am sure that you know about, kindof goes against what the docs advocate, but as nobody gets better on insulin, only having to up the dose regulary, in general, it's worth a read.

    Let me know.

  • where is the link or post?

    Thanks so much.

  • HI Faith63, you mean inflammation lol.

  • maybe some people inflate with gas? LOL!!!

  • HI DanteNXS, well actually, not more than about 1400 calories,, sometimes only 1200, but it's what you eat, and as I don't eat any white carbs or sugar, and only 1 piece of fruit, my calories go a long way. I can fill my plate with lots of salad stuff, and a nice piece of fried meat, but in fact, it's not the calories, coz sometimes I go over that, it's what's in the calories that counts. As they say a calorie is not the same for every food, a carb calorie is far worse than a veg calorie, if you get my meaning! A carb calorie is empty, whereas a veg one, if full of goodness, that our body uses, and the carbs just sit there really, going to fat!!!

  • I guess that is true of bad carbs, but there are lots of good carbs out there as well, which should be eaten.

  • HI DanteNXS, for me good carbs, are only veg carbs. Am going to post about the ketogenic diet, it's really what I follow, not actually on purpose, but it's what my body works best with.

  • Wow, that's a really eye-opening talk, especially the way that statistics are manipulated by the pharmaceutical companies. Very interesting, Thanks for posting.

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