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Nobody needs T3 tablets

My doctor has told me that nobody in the UK needs or takes T3 supplements and that if I'd read somewhere that some people do then 'that's the internet for you'(along with raised eyebrows).

Now, I don't have my levels (will ask receptionist) but I cannot lose weight even on nearly zero carbs, low protein, higher fats. I also feel tired, have muscle aches etc. I'm on 175 mcg a day thyroxine. I have been told my levels are too high with medication, but have never experienced hyper symptoms.

Whats going on?

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Next time your doctor says something that stupid you could politely respond that you do not appreciate to be treated like an idiot as you most certainly are not the idiot in the room.

Anyone can check and find out T3 is prescribed in UK.


"you most certainly are not the idiot in the room" - I love it lol



He's wrong! My oncologist prescribed T3 for 3 months post thyroidectomy while I waited for RAI and because I didn't do well on Levothyroxine only my endo prescribed Levothyroxine plus T3. It is very hard to get T3 prescribed on NHS now because the company which own Mercury Pharma T3 have raised the cost to such extortionate levels than many health authorities have banned the prescribing of T3.

When you have your results and ranges post them in a new question for advice. If you have any results for ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate post them too.


Hi Seabright,

Without knowing your results, I can't comment on whether you need T3 or not but some people do and if your doctor would take a look at the British Thyroid Association guidance, he will see that levothyroxine does not improve all symptoms in some people.

In fact, the BTA have stated that those who are on T3 should not have their prescription of this medication withdrawn.

Perhaps you could make another appointment with him and take the BTA guidelines into him to read - british-thyroid-association...

Also, show him this research:





My results are : tsh 0.031

Free thyroxine : 27

Total thyroxine (t4) : 154.0

Free t3: 4.22

Thyroglubin antibody: 14.000

Thyroid peroxidase antibodies: 15.9

Does this mean I'm not converting well?


Thank you for all your comments. I'm now going to get my results and post them on here. . Maybe it'll turn out I don't need T3, but if it shows I do, I can go in guns blazing!


The Nhs have prescribed me T3 for over 10 years. My endo specialist who's also a professor would certainly disagree with him - he was reluctant to start putting me back on a little T4 a month or so ago lol!

Most GPs are useless unfortunately and will not often help you. You may not have a T3 test result as many GPs are unable to do this. You can pay for your own though.

Def get your folate, vit d, b12 and folate checked and many of us feel better on a gluten free diet :-)


GPs are pretty pants with vit levels too so best to post the results on here too for advice. Put them on a new post though :-)


Also I would seriously advise not to be on a low calorie/low carb/low protein diet as you need as much energy as you can get otherwise your metabolism will just slow down even more - your thyroid needs enough energy to function not eating properly will also cause issues with your sugar levels and adrenals :-)


Yes, you will crave things your body needs so that would be why. If you don't get enough energy from yout food your body will crave sugar especially as it's a quick energy fix and because you are likely to be getting low sugar levels (hypoglycemia). Also not eating enough will mean you're possibly not getting enough vitamins and people with our problems tend to be deficient anyway and thyroids and bodies needs these. Often, not eating enough calories will have the opposite effect sometimes and increase weight.

However, bear in mind I'm not medically trained so you can only look into it and decide for yourself as everybody is different :-)


Are we in the UK some sort of different species to people in the rest of the world?

The USA manages at least four makes of T3 - and numerous repackaging of those products.

France, Germany, Italy, Greece, Turkey, India, Iran, and I am sure, many other countries also produce T3 tablets.


Your doctor is a liar. It is quite possible to see a list of all the pharmacies that have filled prescriptions for T3, and the number is more than zero. T3 is not a supplement; it's the active thyroid hormone. If he is implying that it's only in the UK that T3 is not needed, ask him why the Briths metabolism is different from the rest of the world.


I have had similar comments in the past. I ask, all wide eyed and innocent, what other hormone the body naturally produces that the body does not need?

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I've been taking T3 ever since receiving a Hashimoto's diagnosis quite a long time ago because I couldn't tolerate T4, or more likely some of the ingredients. Nowadays I take liquid T4 as well and it seems to work OK. Hospitals have tried to stop the T3 but it seems I'm not able to convert T4 to T3. Your doctor is obviously ignorant on the subject and should be researching the subject for himself and not just accepting Government money saving dicta as right for every patient. I know doctors are under pressure of work but they earn a great deal and have a duty to care for their patients responsibly.


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