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Fosteum for osteporosis?

Hi everyrone,

I just found this on an osteoporosis site- has anyone tried it? Is it safer than the bone density drugs? I saw my gyn and he wants me to go to rheumatologist to treat this, I will look for one asap. I'm having a lot more pain in my back and I hope it is not due to O but I'm worried it is. I can barely wear a bra lately because it presses on the are where I have pain- anyone know any comfy ones that still have some support? I'm too large to go braless but I would love to. I got the fruit of the loom sleep bra and I'm considering trying that for a while even though it's not quite enough support and I will look different etc.

I'm so depressed and scared still on and off... it's very overwhelming to deal with all of this at once.

My z scores were worse than the last one by about -.2 increase on both spine and hip I believe. the second report has a lot more numbers and I'm having trouble understanding it. He said it's pretty bad though. He already had my last report- I"m not sure how he got that because I didn't ask my doctor to send it to him? Very odd. I had picked it up myself and that was the first I knew that it said I had O, not a word from that doc. I asked the new gyn to test pth again and he is testing vitD, calcium and ferritin as well as something else. I would like to have calcium in urine checked also.

Another odd thing was someone from his office called and said he wanted me to see another gyn there who treats osteoporosis and she also started talking about prolia. I told her I wasn't going to take it and then she backed off and said I could just see him at my appointment. When I asked him about it he said he never said anything about taking prolia.

When I do more exercise I have more back pain so I'm not sure what to do about that, such as the step with ankle weights. I get a bit of relief from the endorphins and then the pain gets even worse. There is no way I can do 30 minutes five days a week but most days I walk extensively around the house, shopping, teaching and then my walks on some days. Of course that and all my gardening etc. didn't help to prevent any of this.

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Hi, haven't tried it so can't comment on effects etc but just to say be watchful if you do try it,it has soy in which I think is said to be a no-no with hashi's. Also has vit d so if you supplement watch the dosage.It's a personal choice which you must decide on. I have oesteoporosis apparently, tried alendronate and then bonviva for a short time but Have had nothing for a few years now and for me personally I chose to take none of them! Hope you find something that you are comfortable taking.

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Wonder if the osteoporosis which seems to appear with low thyroid, is a result of not having enough calcitonin? Calcitonin is made by the thyroid gland and its purpose is to stop calcium leeching out of the bones into the bloodstream

Its in ndt, but not in the synthetics. No one seems to have made the connection and nothing seems to be being done. I have a friend who has lumps of calcium on her palms and soles of her feet, making walking painful, she has been told its due to calcium deposits from her blood.... And she has been on synthetics for over 30 years..... Coincidence?

G x


Thanks G,

I don't know how long I have been having hypo symptoms for sure but my levels are not "out of range" or severe yet so hopefully starting treatment early will help, but the O is already advanced from what they said.

I only started taking levo about 3 weeks ago after finding out I had O so I don't think it caused mine but I wonder if the H, Type 1 D and early meno all contributed to it as well as a possible parathyroid gland tumor. I'm going to ask my endo about all of this and I will ask about NDT. Is there any other way to get calcitonin? I seem to be tolerating the levo well so far.

It's probably not a coincidence what happened to your friend imo. Are there any studies on women/people who take ndt instead of synthetics and what rate of O they have?

My new gyn said if my hematologist agrees I can try a low dose hrt, maybe that will help me too if I decide to do it. Gyn seemed to think at this stage it won't but I read it can still help slow or stop bone loss at any stage and age.


Sorry to be a cynic, but if there are studies which show O is more prevalent in people on synthetics, i imagine that they will have been filed ( to quote Arthur Dent in hitchikers guide) "........on display in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet, stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying “Beware of the Leopard"

Xx G

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lol.. thanks for the laugh... :-)


Thanks Soppysal,

I started eating tofu recently and I wonder if that will affect my H? I have to read more about it.. I have it with some lentils and nutritional yeast and soy sauce which is delicious and my bg stays pretty stable with that and the rest of my meal. so far I don't notice any effect on the thyroid symptoms. Did you have bad side effects? I'm not willing at this point to take any of those drugs due to the side effects, to not knowing what is really going on with my O and to the fact that in some women they have caused fractures and jaw death. I have never had a fracture at all.

Apparently there are two types of O and I hope when I go to a rheumy it will be figured out which type and what is causing it. I'm hoping going off of lanzoprazole will help me as well.


Have you managed to take a look at the website of Dr Sarah Myhill - she has a good page on osteoporosis. A friend of mine is following her protocol and feeling and looking better. Are you taking magnesium ?

As everything in the body is connected I am thinking that your levels of T3 may be low - do you have a result with the range. Sorry if you have posted them and I have missed them. B12 is also involved in bones - and those of us with Hashi's are often low/deficient . As you have been taking a PPI the B12 could well be low.....


Hi Marz, I am taking magnesium. I take concentrace minerals daily which have 279mg magnesium and I spray some on at night too. I think prunes have a lot of magnesium as do some of the other fruit and veggies I eat too.

I will look at the site again.

As far as I know the only thing that is low is my vitamin D level at 28 now and my pth is high at 69.1 with calcium at the hight normal at 9.7 so I'm wondering if this is a parathyroid issue. My endo said I have secondary hyperparathryodism but he didnt' say what is causing the low vitamin D. I still wonder if it is primary hyperPT and I may have a tumour(s).

Here are my other levels:


> 20 (7.3-26.1) 2/12/2016 11:30am


3.42 low ( 4.8-10.8) 2/12/2016 11:30am

3.25 low (4.8-10.8) Oct 26, 2015 06:00 p.m.

T3 Ambient = 2.9 Oct 26th 2015(2.3-4.2)

Vitamin B12 = HIGH Oct 26th 2015 1167 range 211-946

These were all done Oct 26th 2015:

Ferritin= 47.9 range = 30-400

PTH Intact= 57.6 range = 15-65

Vitamin D25 hydroxy = 32 range= 30-80

Current vitamin D - 28 from feb 12 2016

My endo hasn't done T3 again. One odd thing here is that my ferritin is at the low end but my hematocrit is fine so I don't think it's anemia or low iron.

I did take anti acid drugs like zantac and ppi for many years for severe reflux. I stopped lanzoprazole as soon as I found out about the osteoporosis. But now my ent said my tonsils and throat are red etc due to reflux and he rx some ranatadine for that. I think that will affect calcium absorption though due to stomach acid lowering. I do feel worse today with the reflux.

It's hard for me to exercise right now because I hurt my elbow and my back/neck pain is bad but I'm still walking etc. I'm in therapy for that. I have bulging discs now which is causing more pain. my bg has been high a lot. I walked 2 miles before dinner today and it has been at 150-200 since before dinner. it just makes no difference. then it will crash down at around 4-6 am or so usually. last night it went from 190 to 70 and dropping after I got out of the shower at 3 am or so.


You really do have a great deal to cope with. I can see that the FT3 result is low in range. What thyroid meds are you taking ? There is a connection between low T3 and bones - have a google :-)

You did well to walk that far :-)


Thanks Marz, the blood sugar is the worst of it most of the time. I'm going to try to walk in the sun as much as possible but next week is going to be freezing again unfortunately. Hopefully spring will be here soon.. I found the new bras I got are helping the back pain, that and not doing too much which the ortho doc recommended.

I'm on 50mcg levo now. I asked my endo about T3 and he said the next blood work should show if I need that. I will ask to test t3 again prolly. I'm going to look that up and print something out for him because he was dubious about a relationship between osteoporosis and hypothyroid.


Here is one link - am off to find some more ! 50mcg is a very small dose.....just a starter dose really.

A lot to read so you can scroll down to Conclusion :-)

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Thanks Marz, I will read these. I started on 25 mcg for 4 weeks and both tsh and t4 went up. He increased to 50mcg. My father who had tsh of 14 started on 25 mcg also and his tsh cut in half after 5-6 weeks on that dose- he's on 50mcg now too. I just wonder why his tsh decreased and mine went up? He still needed a larger dose too.

Scrolling down to the conclusion sounds like a good idea :-) I'm reading a lot of medical data lately and my brain is fried.


The second article seems to say that hypo doesn't influence it as much though? It says it has controversial influence on bone metabolism...


...oh sorry. Google Thyroid and bone or something similar and see what comes up - when your brain is less fried :-) There is lots of information out there. Also Clutter posts a link about the thyroid/ osteo link from time to time....


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