Off carb since November

hi i have GD after 18 months on carb i am now in limbo waiting to see if it comes back , in November my tsh was 2.01 t4 was 10 , today my tsh is 0.95 and t4 is 11.01 t3 = 3.78 some days i feel ok other days for no reason i feel like i am insane . of course my gp tells me i am in normal range . which i agree with but why oh why do they not eplain to me if it has gone or will it come back

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  • I'm so sorry to be ignorent but what is GD?

    Also what are the ranges for those blood results?

  • GD = Graves' Disease

    Would my acronyms and abbreviations document help you?

  • Thanks Helvella. I've just kicked myself!!! Sorry this is definitely a brain fog day!!

  • Because they don't know if its gone or not, its a waiting game to see if you relapse. I had many relapses before having a partial op, then ok for nearly 30 years before relapsing again.

  • thank you for replying i am understanding now

  • I've been in remission from Graves for over two years. I had the symptoms for quite a while before I was eventually diagnosed and I would say it took quite a while for my body to get used to feeling 'normal'.

    My TSH has gradually crept up since I was discharged and I would prefer it to have been lower - I thought for a while I was maybe becoming hypo but I don't think so.

    The reason they aren't telling you is because they can't predict whether or not it is going to go away for ever or come back.

    That's just something you have to live with. Some people relapse quite quickly for others it takes years. I think avoiding stress is probably better for you, I've gone totally GF - I developed inflammatory arthritis in the middle of last year and I'm hoping that being gluten free will calm down all the antibodies - well that's the theory.

    I make sure my vitamin D and B12 levels are in the upper part of their ranges, my ferritin and folates are fine, I eat well, no junk food, fizzy / diet drinks, try t get enough sleep and exercise. I figure that's about the best I can do fir my body and I just hope for the best but to be honest I don't even think about it any more.

    There was a lot of talk about radio active iodine being what would happen next should I relapse but I saw my GP because that was making me feel anxious which I figured wasn't good for me, I said I most definitely did not want that and that should I relapse I wanted to go back on block and replace and could I be forced to have rai or could the hospital refuse to treat me if I said I wasn't having rai - the answer to both questions was 'no' so I went home and got on with life knowing I had sorted out a back up plan.

    From my own experience I just think it takes a long time to get used to the new 'normal' but you will eventually.

  • thank you so much , nice to know i am not alone .

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