NEW LABS, first since change to ARmour

Good morning. I received my first labs back since switched from T3/T4 combo of synthetics to NDT of armour thyroid. My TSH is lowest ever at .07 but i feel best i have since being diagnosed. The only issue is my Vit D is dropping again & my WBC count was low. Do any of you have a TSH suppressed this much but feel great???

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  • low WBC count just means you have no infections!

  • Not necessarily there are some inherited and acquired conditions that lead to low WBC including most commonly iron deficiency anaemia. In addition there is evidence that indicates certain white blood cells can decrease with age.

    However if the OP is feeling well then it can be ignored. It is only of concern if the WBC is repeatedly low and she is ill.

  • Dr said it means i have a virus or getting a virus but i am not sick. When i looked it up it said viral or auto immune issues, which i have, cause white blood cells to go low.... never heard that though.

  • They all can cause low white cell count.

  • I was told the opposite.

  • What is your Vit D level and are you supplementing?

  • Seasidesusie it went down to 51 from 85 a few months ago. I am going back on my Vitd3 with K2 i was on it was 5,000iu. It seems like once i got off of that it went down again.

  • HASHISmom34 What is the unit of measurement? Is it ng/ml or nmol/L.

    Recommended levels are

    ng/ml - 50-70

    nmol/L - 100-150

  • seasidesusie I will have to dig my labs back out. All i know is the D3 is IU.

  • Hi my tsh was very suppressed the last two bloods. I have recently added t3 to my levo so I'd guess tsh is still low but I am starting to feel amazingly well. I am due to be tested next week so will see what tsh is doing with the addition of t3. I don't care if it's 'too low'; I have the energy to live a full and normal life for the first time in years and that's what matters.

    Onwards and upwards 😊

    Lu xx

  • Yes me too. Seems the lower the TSH the better i feel. I am just worried because this was my family dr i see 1x a year for an annual blood work and physical. My endo is next month. Pretty worried she will say it is too low and she is reducing my meds.

  • HASHISmom34,

    TSH levels don't make you feel good or bad. TSH responds to circulating T4 and T3 levels and drops when FT4 & FT3 rise so it's the higher thyroid levels which are making you feel well.

    Low WBC

    What is your vitD level?

  • thank you for the link Clutter. My D is not deficient again but it dropped from an optimal 85 to 51 after i dropped my d3 & k2 combo from 5,000 to 1,000.

  • WBC count - high and low - here:

  • Very helpful as usual Helvella, thank you

  • TSH can become irrelevent when it is suppressed as any thyroxine can cause it! Ignore it as long as it does not start rising.

  • My TSH is zero and I am doing great!

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