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We depend on TSH because "your brain knows the best"

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Was it worth to ask?

T3 kind of causes high peaks of energy which patients get used to. When dosage is lowered patient crashes, like after energy drink. Eh?

Ok this is what head of our endo said on TV some time ago. You get same effect by drinking a cup of coffee in the morning. But doesn't it happen with T4 too except slowly? Take it away from hypo and they eventually slow down!?!

Apparently we humans need less T3 than animals, that is why NDT is not recommended, because we wear clothes!!! These people call themselves experts? :O

their mom called them special when they were kids and now they know it all? They got an expert certificate from bingo?

Was sort of funny and not funny at all.

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I had to stop reading as it was equivalent to banging my head on a brick wall.

It's *everything* but your thyroid in other words.

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Exactly! It just simply can't be thyroid. I didn't read it all either as it was like you said. But when I got to the point explaining why we don't need t3 I started to laugh and needed to post it.

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Yeah, that point was just bonkers. Well people have normal T3 levels. We should just go and put a coat on... :D

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I will get rich selling miracle cure for thyroid issues. Put on a coat and fixes it all.

Is your hair falling? No worries, wear a coat it fixes your thyroid issues.

Constipated? Put on special jacket before entering bloody throne.

And somebody pays these experts a lot of money! What a waste :D

There's a doctor NOT to see...

The "infallible" TSH strikes again!

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