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TSH - what should be the best level

Hi All, from a wet and miserable Wales.

I recently went to see my GP ( I usually see a associate lady doctor within the practice) and he said I had to reduce the amount of lythoroxine I am on ( currently 125) as my TSH levels were so suppressed and also about symptoms I may get ( heart problems etc).

At the moment I feel OK, don't have much in the way of thyroid problems, do get a bit anxious sometimes but do have a lot going on at present so I think it's understandable.

He would not do my T3 reading anymore: you are on the right medication so don't need that doing!!!

My TSH is 0.02 -is this too low?

Many thanks in advance.

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Well you can mention to your GP that you are only over medicated if your FT3 is over range - I have read. Important to go how you feel... :-)


Thanks Marz for your reply.


Crwbin1, Greetings from soggy and grey London.

TSH 0.02 is low and below range, but the recently published Rotterdam Study finds no association between TSH and atrial fibrillation. TSH is a pituitary hormone and doesn't reflect thyroid hormone levels. If your GP thought you might be overmedicated he should have tested FT4 and FT3.

Having said that, anxiety can be due to overmedication so the reduction of dose may help you.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.



Greeting from soggy grey Brighton too.

Clutter already given excellent advice above but I just wanted to say anxiety can be an adrenal issue.

If you feel ok thyroid wise ... don't let your GP reduce your meds.



Hi Clutter and Flower007

Thank you for your quick reply.

I noticed my lady doctor had done a T4 result...19.3 pmol/L (11.0-25.0) .

I am seeing the G.P tomorrow as going to Oz to get meds for the trip, so think I will ask him to reduce as I have mentioned I am getting quite anxious.

He mentioned that the TSH should be 0.2 is this correct.

I am scared of becoming ill again so hence have rejected a reduction -he said it was my decision, but on the other hand if that is too low ( getting information from people that have this dratted affliction so have more understanding of the condition) I am prepared to reduce my dose.

Thanks again in advance....


sorry forgot to ask about Adrenals.

I had a serum cortisol test, I asked for the 4 part one, apparently they don't do that on the NHS, just the "one off" test and that came back:

257 nmol/L

Normal random cortisol does not exclude adrenal axis disease.

Stimulation or suppression tests are usually necessary.

I had a "burnout" and some major life issues about 12 years ago and do not suffer stress well since.

I was told my adrenals were OK from the above reading. I put my feelings if stress down to that rather than the thyroid but maybe I was wrong to do that.

Your thoughts would be appreciated and any remedies that I can do to help would also be gratefully received.

Thanks again to you all ....without this site and the people who run it and also help one another, I would be in a very lonely place indeed.



What rot this doctor knows nothing so whatever happens if you feel well DO NOT reduce your meds! The TSH test is not a thyroid hormone test and if you are on any form of T3 of course you need a T3 test! There is nothing to suggest heart problems or osteoporosis in taking any form of thyroid replacement, its just the doctors lack of knowledge.


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