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More confusion re thyroid!

Hi all back again - no proper internet access for a coup,e or so days!

I was shopping yesterday in a different town. Went in the Pharmacy as I was passing - I wanted to buy some Vit B12, VitC, and/or Probiotic to supplement with. Thought ok I'll ignore my doc and normal pharmacist who both had said last year don't supplement with extra vitamins!

I've just edited and deleted a few words I hadn't put there before.

Yesterday the pharmacist immediately asked if I had a THYROID PROBLEM as soon as I asked for the B12 and Vit C + probiotic and when I said yes, he said NO, to me supplementing B12. I was gobsmacked at that and didnt even ask why, because by now I was just thinking things over. He then, unasked offered me a pack of very similiar ampoules to Arko ones I am just finishing, of ginseng, Royal Jelly, Ginger and Guarana (?) which I've yet to look up.

I had not told him then that I was taking the Arko supplement (no Guarana in the Arko and the ginger is new to me After studying all the box said on it - then I told him myalso of my other blood cell problems, immunity etc. and said I was coming to end of 2nd month of treatment and had to stop for 10 days.

He said, to start the new product if I buy it, after the 10 days. However when 1 doctor and 2 qualified pharmacists say don't supplement B12 it gives me pause for thought!

What do they know that we don't?

My thoughts are - LevoThyroxin does make us lose weight, and if we have too many of the wrong food substances in our bodies, our Normal or medicated thyroxin, will not metabolise those wrong substances, also if we have other underlying conditions (as I have) we become autoimmune.

I have said previously the Arko has made me feel better, no fatigue, appetite not suppressed any more. My metabolic system has been helped by my levo dosage being better/correct again? My weight has stabilized. I have more energy and do think more clearly without anxiety or depression. Yes I get frustrated at my different conditions, I also have other housing and computer problems, so I don't sit here all day every day, thinking about my thyroid with those other things going on also.

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Well, I'd be happier taking B12 (as long as it is methylcobalamin) than Guarana, which just flogs your adrenals. Also, there are two types of ginseng and they aren't the same, so you need to see which one it is. I doubt they know anything about any good quality, independent research done in the last 10 years, or anything that the best-informed people here don't know.

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Thanks Angel - I have to buy in France. I've been out the last couple of hours or so, so will get down to looking at it all tomorrow.

But I can honestly say the Arko has done me proud for last two months. On that, everything has improved - appetite - sleep - energy - I definitely feel more 'with it' than I've done in months and months! I also have a blood disorder to consider as well as what I take for my Thyroid. My platelets have been dropping for 3 years but on last blood test December, after I month on the Arko they have improved and risen. So you see why I have to take many things into account.

My body needs more than my thyroid to work properly! I can't afford to look at it in isolation!

My next blood test when I ask for VitB12 test to be included again so I can compare with a few months before will also make more interesting reading for me.


SAMBS, they Don't know anything at all about B12! And it's very doubtful they know more about anything nutritional than us!!! They Don't learn about these things in school. And the pharmacist has a vested interest in selling you these expensive 'dolly mixtures' rather than inexpensive B12 that he can't make much profit on.

I would never, ever buy my suppléments in a pharmacy! Especially not in France. And, in France, I would never trust a pharmacist. Good job I know a thing or too, because the amount of rubbish they've told me in the past - aspartam is exactly the same as sugar! fluoride is good for you! D3 is dangerous! - I'd probably be very ill by now.

Guarana is a stimulant. You do NOT want to be stimulating either your adrenals or your thyroid.

Quite the opposite of being bad for your thyroid, B12 is necessary for your conversion. I Don't think you realise how ill low B12 can make you. I was first put on B12 by a neurologist, who knew I had Hashi's. She thought it was a necessity, not a danger. Unfortunately, she didn't explain quite how important it was, and how I would need it long term, and then she moved away and I didn't see her again. And I stopped the B12. Now I know what can happen if your B12 is low - almost lost the use of my right arm! - and I'm taking it again. And, low and behold, I feel better!

This is all Big Pharma scare-mongering. They Don't want us to know about B12 because there's no profit in it. And they want us hypos to stay sick - alive, but sick - so that they can keep flogging us their dangerous - but profitable - drugs to treat the symptoms. Don't be taken in by it. Your health is at risk!


Well I have underactive thyroid and low B12, which my GP is giving me regular injections for. I've felt much better since getting the B12.


Yes I'd like to have it Mariliz I'm totally cheesed off with a doctor who doesn't want to test things, prescribe things - plus 2 pharmacists who dont want to sell things!

No wonder my brain can't cope any more.


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