Stevia better for Lyme than antibiotics? How much more can nature give us without dreadful risks?

In the late 90's I got my first Stevia when visiting family in the US... used it for porridge and where needed in place of sugar. Once hypothyroidism diagnosed, decade+ later, I was so happy not to have been using sugar. I enjoyed stevia [particularly granulated], certainly good enough as a sweetener without all of the bad stuff that goes with artificial sweeteners. (No sweetener needed at all now!)

I have recently heard a lot about Lyme Disease and its increase, even over here... just had this delivered to a mail box and wondered if anyone might find it helpful? Seems to me, we are increasingly discovering that nature has so much more to offer than 'they' would have us believe... like aged garlic [a recent post], cannabis oil. No one is saying that we do not need their often life saving drugs but just how many good alternatives will be found where a less harmful, less risky, one exists?

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  • Thanks for the link, it is really interesting.

  • Link is v good. shaws I've met people with health issues, like T2D, who 'don't like the taste' of stevia, would rather use terrible sweetners!?

  • Oh how the big pharmaceuticals will be gnashing their teeth at the thought of how much money they could loose. 'You can't patent nature'...

  • Just met someone recently with Lyme so read about it. It is rife in some places abroad. Oh yes, the more nature comes into play... love the quote!

  • Stevia was featured on Trust Me I'm A Doctor this week. I really enjoy this programme and the team have done some experiments with Stevia. Stevia was banned in this country until 2011 although it has been used in Japan since the 1970s as a sugar alternative.

  • Thanks, wish I'd seen it - never knew that about Japan - but always heard that Stevia is 'good for us' [who to trust these days?]. I couldn't believe it when a family member in the US gave me some... so sweet n a bit weird BUT I can get used to anything. Yes, I brought some over for people to try... twisting their faces!? I've found over the years now that if it really is good for you, it becomes easy to adjust.

  • make sure its organic stevia, with no odd additives.

  • Yes, thanks, good to remind everyone, since its about here now [with all kinds of gunk added]. I've seen some with weird additives in US but can get 'real' there.

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