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Updates on Lyme Disease - and new hope


I have written on here before about the devastating effects that Lyme Disease can have on an individual and how it can seriously interfere with endocrine function, including thyroid function. This is the latest article on the subject written by Dr. Mercola and is worthy of study by anybody who is still ill even after following a recommended thyroid protocol: articles.mercola.com/sites/...

It is also very refreshing and exciting to note that after much hard work and lobbying by Lyme Disease UK the plight of those suffering from the illness is now beginning to be recognised by government, an all party parliamentary group has been set up and the co-chair of that group raised a question at prime minister's questions yesterday: facebook.com/abouttimeforly...

Hopefully these developments and the consequent improvements in diagnosis and treatment will eventually bring relief to those suffering from this awful disease including all of those using this forum who as yet have no idea that Lyme Disease is behind their thyroid dysfunction.

Jane x

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My Friend has had Lymes disease for several years and has now been using a Spooky 2 machine for a number of months and he is so much better it is amazing ! But like Thyroid problems hypo or hyper it's good to read " The Medical Medium " which sheds light on why we have this autoimmune problem as with Lymes disease too . Sadly this Guy is way ahead of current Medicine but it's incredible anyway and again is sortable by the Spooky 2 Machine. And , It's all thanks to the late Mr. Royal Rife , who was the forerunner for these types of machines and invented the Rife Machine back in the early 1900's but strangely was hounded by the drug companies of the day , odd that !!

janeb15 in reply to Helen123-

It's such good news that this machine worked for your friend. Sadly rife machines do not work for everyone with Lyme Disease. There is no one size fits all remedy, but the first step is for the NHS to actually recognise the problem and develop accurate tests, or at least adopt the accurate testing used in other countries. Jane x

bluepettals2 in reply to janeb15

yes nhs so in denial I have seen a doc in alternative nhs who says therei smuch denial

sulamaye in reply to Helen123-

What is the spooky 2 machine? I have been diagnosed with m.e for six years now and tested privately for lymes showing negative for that but my suppressed immune system result indicated some other bacterial infection, although it could still be lymes, as it hides in the body do Wd depend whether it was active when tested. I am interested in this machine, what it does and how it was accessed, please.

janeb15 in reply to sulamaye

It could be that you have one of the co-infections that can also be transmitted by ticks. Was the infection definitely bacterial? Which test did you have? Sometimes mycotoxins or chronic viral infections can cause difficulties as well, and the situation is often complicated by mast cell problems too. It can be a very complex condition to solve which is why it requires expert advice. Jane x

thanks for posting jane, for a longtime beingso ill I always wondered whatwa swrongbecause I have thyroid friends on t4 noproblem, I thought whyme there must be somethingelse, I have antibodies to lyme thanks for posting

I looked at the spooky2 webpage. Some of the claims are just plain laughable. Here are two:

"Spooky Remote v1.1 allows you to go anywhere on Earth and receive frequencies from your Spooky2 Rife System back at home."

"Spooky Pulse inputs a frequency sweep into the body to detect all pathogens, pollutants, and parasites present, "

it had my office-full of electronics engineers falling about laughing.

It's odd the way people think about electromagnetic waves. Some people think living near electric power lines or mobile phone towers give you nasty diseases. Others, like the sellers of spooky2 machines, think that sending sweeps of frequencies through your body has health-giving properties.

janeb15 in reply to eeng

Believe it or not some people with Lyme have found huge benefits from Rife machines - I have no idea about Spooky 2, but maybe from them also.

There are also certainly many sensitive people who are adversely affected by EMF, but thankfully for those who suffer in this way there are ways of successfully blocking it. It's no laughing matter. Jane x


Thank you Jane for bringing this to our attention. Sterling work is certainly being done by LymeDiseaseUK and I'm very grateful.

May I just mention that some GPs are in denial about the existence of Lyme disease, comparing it to CFS/ME etc. I have been pretty much denied any help for anything from my surgery as it's crystal clear that the Partners have "warned off" the GPs from helping Lyme patients. Despite being in pain with non-Lyme, non-thyroid related ailments, I've had to beg an NHS Endo to help me. The GP didn't even bother examining me.

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