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Hello there

I was just wondering if anybody has experienced the iron infusion by IV and whether it is painful and horrendous as I'm being told? Risks of intolerance and anaphylactic shock etc.

I'm struggling with oral iron and it's so tough on my gut it's stopping absorption of everything else I'm having to take.

I'd love to hear some real first hand views.

Thank you

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My father had iron infusions for 6 weeks and he did very well with it. I don't recall him having any symptoms or reactions that he mentioned but I will ask him again. His bp did get pretty high once when we were there so they kept him at the hospital until they lowered it but he has had multiple other issues going on which contributed to that so I don't think it had anything to do with the infusions. I think to see what is really going on you need to see a hematologist because it's pretty complex.

Having had intravenous iron infusions three times, approx 6 months apart, I have to say that they did not solve the problem. Iron/ferritin went up marginally for a couple of months and then I was back down again. Never felt a surge of energy or other noticeable benefit.

I did have a reaction, breathing problems and dizziness, on the first attempt, but was administered oxygen, antihistamine and steroids and was then able to tolerate the treatment. Had to have antihistamine and steroids on subsequent appointments.

The answer to resolving my iron deficiency proved to be Optiferrin+C which is the first iron supplement that agreed with me. Maybe starting probiotics around the same time helped.

I was very disappointed that the infusions did not work in my case, as had high hopes when offered them.

Wish you better luck,


Have you tried Spa tone sachets? Get the apple flavour ones ... Amazon, tesco, most chemists.... They are gentle on your stomach and might just do the trick for you?

Have never had an iron injection, but when i was about 8 my mum used to have them... I remember 'cause they were in her bum and she used to say that she had no idea how she managed to walk home from the doctors afterwards.

Maybe a route best avoided if you can?

G x

Thank you all. Seems to be another minefield!

I've tried spatone and all the oral iron supplements except for Optiferrin which I'll Def try.

I have a mild reaction to vit d and b12 injections with some negative side effects so bit loathe to have iron jabs. I've had low ferritin of 9-14 for twenty years and now have low iron levels. It's all trial and error isn't it :(

V_afp, you might try the Cambodian Iron Fish in cooking too

Going to get one!! It looks really cute! what a great idea :)


I have a friend who has iron infusions regularly and my sister in law did also for sometime. Neither reported any pain or problems. I guess they have to warn you about adverse reactions but anybody can have a reaction to anything.

Hi there I had an iron infusion about nine years ago due to ferritin level of 4 which may as well be zero, I had had fibroids in my uterus and continually bled, I tried many things, not iron injections. Anyway I had the infusion and my iron and ferritin levels immediately enabled me to have a very needed hysterectomy. No issues whatsoever ever. But hemotologist did tell me that the iron can deposit in organs, joints etc so should not have another one unless on my death bed. It was an infusion that took about 3 hours so I don't know if they do smaller infusions, allowing one to have more later. One thing that did happen and may be no connection but I was diagnosed with RA a year later. Wishing you well

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