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A brief history first. I was diagnosed hypo 12 years ago and I was put on levothyroxine. For many years I took 25mcg every other day. Then I started to feel ill again and the dose was increased. I then changed GP and I was put on Armour because I still didn't feel well. The dose was gradually increased and with each increase I felt better initially but then felt ill again. After this GP practice closed I went to a new practice who continued to prescribe Armour.

7 weeks ago I was fed up of feeling ill all the time so I stopped taking the Armour completely. After 12 days, and feeling better, I went to see the GP. He told me not to take any for 6 weeks and then have a blood test so that my body would have cleared all the Armour. He also prescribed iron as he said my ferritin was too low, even though I had been told by all other doctors that it was ok.

Today I went back for my results. TSH is 11 and now the practice has been told they cannot prescribe Armour anymore so I am back on Levotyroxine but this time I am going to be monitored which has never happened before. In the past I have just been given the pills and told to have a blood test in a year. I am not too upset about losing the Armour as it didn't make me well anyway.

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Mouse, TSH 11 is overtly hypothyroid so you do need thyroid replacement. I hope that once you are optimally medicated Levothyroxine works well for you.


Have you tried asking for T3 [Liothyronine]? It may well help .

Many don't get on with Levo [ like me] and though there were some mild side effects on T3 it was/is much easier to live with if managed dosewise-as it's 5x more effective than T4.

[I'm doing T3 intermittently for Wilson's syndrome]

Good luck in trying for it, if you do..


I think it was the T3 in the Armour that was the problem as the ratio is different to what would naturally happen in a human.

I am going to give the Levo a go and see how I am. I had a blood test last week while taking 25mcg daily and my TSH was 1.


It may well be fine to up the T4 but if you end up with the same result [sooner -maybe later on] then think about the T3.


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