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Thyroid result what does it mean?

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My result from 18 Dec is as follows. Can anyone interpret this please? I am currently on 75 mcg levothyroxine. The following are the only values given

serum tsh level (SAM1) 8.6 mu/L 0,40-4.90 mu/L

serum free T4 - (SAM1) 12.7 pmol/L 9.00-19.00 pmol/L

normal no action

thanks for any help. I have an app on Friday with Gp so anything I should be aware would be a great help, as Gp makes it clear she goes by lab results regardless of how you feel.

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How long have you been taking levothyroxine? Have you just begun?

You haven't completed your profile so don't know much about your thyroid history although you've been a member since March 2015.

The first thing I will say is that you need to change your doctor. For someone with a TSH of 8.6 is an absolute disgrace and she should look for another job, not dealing with hypothyroidism.

I really do not understand your results:-

serum tsh level (SAM1) 8.6 mu/L 0,40-4.90 mu/L

serum free T4 - (SAM1) 12.7 pmol/L 9.00-19.00 pmol/L

normal no action

TSH is above the upper part of the range instead of being around 1 at the very least, if not lower.

Free T4 is just above the lower part of the range and states 'normal no action' what the blazes is going on. This is from


Thyroid hormones not bound to proteins. FT4 lowers when the thyroid is struggling.

The approx. reference range for this test is 10 to 24

Goodness knows what your Free T3 is as that is the most important as it is T3 you need in your cells and T4 has to convert to T3. Without sufficient T3 we cannot function.

She has to increase your dose.

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Catwoman50 in reply to shaws

Thanks ror your reply. They have not tested T3. Nor did they the last time I had bloods done a year ago. When I queried last time about T3, she said they only check T3, if other thyroid results are suspect. Told her I felt rubbish and could not lose weight since being reduced from 100 mcg to 75 mcg. She replied she could not prescribe higher dosage if the results did not indicate it necessary.

This time I did not take levo the night before my blood test to get a true reading as had made the mistake previously of taking my medication. I was diagnosed hypothyroidism around 1999 following flu and an atypical pneumonia

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shawsAdministrator in reply to Catwoman50

Your information has horrified me that you were diagnosed in 1999 and now SEVENTEEN years later your TSH is 8+.

Ditch your GP - she is incompetent. She is putting you in danger of developing other more serious problems such as heart etc. We have to have sufficient hormones to pump our blood efficiently through our heart never mind low hormones affecting everything else in our body.

If you click on my name you will see how to (it's not perfect) do a profile and it gives members an opportunity to have some background.

I cannot believe 1999!

Tell her on Friday to give you a Free T3 test plus those that Marz has suggested on the advice given in's website Also that they are the NHS Choices for information and support. (read on the following link about FT3.

As your GP seem so incompetent - she has probably neglected to test the following vitamins and minerals which are needed for good thyroid function.....


These all need to optimal in their various ranges - B12 around 1000 to prevent cognitive decline and anything under 500 can be the cause of neurological problems.

Good luck on Friday.....

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Catwoman50 in reply to Marz

Thanks Mark

the only one of the above I have ever had tested is iron, a long time ago. They do not test, b12, Ferratin, vitamin D etc.

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Marz in reply to Catwoman50

Why not ? Have you asked ?

Marz :-)

Catwoman, normally the TSH is a pituitary test and not as important when it's low. It is TERRIBLY important when it is that high. If she doesn't insist on raising your dose, it is malpractice. It would be more understandable if you have only been on Levo for six weeks or if you began with a TSH over 20.0. If any longer than that, you have to change doctors. Insist, because patients taking exogenous hormone must aim for a very reduced TSH.

Thanks he loose, I will see what Friday brings.

Marz, it wasn't until I came on here I knew about these other blood tests or the significance of them, however, I don't think it would be well received if I suggest they be done.

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shawsAdministrator in reply to Catwoman50

Don't give a *** if she's not happy - you are undermedicated that is incompetence by her. Not you. Don't be nervous it is your health, not hers and see my response above.

Thank you everyone for your help and concern.

I must just say I haven't been under this Gp practice all that time, but have been with this current one 4 1/2 years. Coincidentally, I have recently had an angiogram and heart ct angiogram which I am awaiting the results of prompted by breathlessness, but it may also be and /or lung problems.

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Marz in reply to Catwoman50

..or LOW B12 - Ferritin - Iron Folate that I mentioned having tested above. They are the building blocks of your health. Breathlessness can be caused by LOW iron. Iron attaches to the red blood cells - oxygen sticks to the iron - and that is how it is transported around the body to ALL the cells. So when the iron is low - so is the oxygen - and so your heart beats faster to push the red cells carrying the oxygen around the body to the cells.

Low thyroid hormones can also cause heart issues. There is a book on Amazon called - Thyroid and Heart Failure. You can look inside and read through the index and some of the book :-)

Please listen to the advice given by everyone - and you will be well in no time. Read shaws - she even mentioned you could end up with heart issues with a TSH so high and lo and behold you are having tests. That should indicate the knowledge of many people here.

Catwoman50, your Levothyroxine dose should be increased in 25mcg increments every 6-8 weeks until you are euthyroid, which for most people will be when TSH is just above or below 1.0 with FT4 in the upper range. Read Treatment Options in Email if you would like a copy of the Pulse article to show your GP.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.

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