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iodine vs. bromine/chlorine

Something to think about. Bromine (in bread in USA) & chlorine (in our water) displace iodine in our thyroids causing inadequate function. As an aside, I'm recovering from the effects of being poisoned by pharma drugs (30 years antidepressants, four months chemo/steroids, five months lupron, nine months duloxetine), all of which caused brain & organ damage: And then I got even worse brain & organ damage from stopping them all - these synthetic poisons take up residence in our bodies, we change physiologically, & we end up not being able to survive without them. Google all your meds with "danger" afterwards. If you ever stop a med, research first & prepare your body so you don't suffer the physical & emotional damage I have. I almost died several times & the docs all just shook their heads at me (my bloods aren't "that bad," forget that I can't tolerate anything but steamed vegies, sleep 3 - 6 hours/night, can't breath, dehydrated, etc.) & pushed more antidepressants & antihistamines at me. Worthless, the lot of them.

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.. and fluoride in drinking water and toothpaste also displaces iodine.

.. not to mention all the numerous toxins, including plastics such as Bisphenol-A, pesticides, mercury, and flame retardants such as PBDE that are shown to block tissue thyroid receptors so reducing T4 to T3 conversion. All T3 levels are reduced except the pituitary so the TSH still records within range.

I am sorry to hear that you have been so ill Lisa.


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Thank you for the compassion Flower. We both forgot shampoo, deoderant, corn chips, vaccines, flu shots, baby food, etc. Our government(s) are poisoning us with pharma waste so we'll support the medical system. I took prozac (fluoxetine) for years, just learned it has flouride in it. One doc insisted I go back on antidepressants & I told him "no, they cause brain damage." He said, "maybe, but you'll feel better." AARGHH! Quitting duloxetine was my final straw (still in protracted withdrawal four months later). During the acute withdrawal, I saw the series. Mustard gas was the first chemo, it not only doesn't cure cancer, it CAUSES cancer. I was devastated. I know what the drugs have done to me (five cycles Lupron either caused or excerbated my parathyroid tumors - benign). Seeing so many being systematically poisoned & abused horrifies me (google IG Farben flouride, since you know about flouride). Can their coldness actually be "ignorance?" Would that make it OK? I wanted to stop chemo: My boyfriend, the breast therapist, psych therapist, nurse, everyone pressed/bullied/ridiculed me to continue. I tried a cancer group, & they attacked me because I refused radiation & tamoxifen. My innards still curl remembering I allowed chemo when I knew better deep down because I wasn't strong enough to stand up against so many. Sigh.

Sorry for the ramble, it's still close enough to be a touchy subject & I'm too brain damaged/don't care enough to consider editing & making it shorter. As an aside, I'm doing better. A year ago my eyes were swollen, histamine intolerance, anaphylactic shock, more. Four month ago I stopped duloxetine & was sleeping 1 hour/night, mood swings, rages, peeing blood from kidney stones (they wanted to give me a catscan to "watch" & drugs to pee), seemed everything I put in my mouth caused suffering. This last month I've had trouble breathing, & non-stop headache (went to the emergency room hoping for IV saline for dehydratin, they wanted to radiate/catscan my brain because the headache - only three days by then - meant my cancer had spread to the brain. AARGGH!) & LOUD pulsatile tinnitus (now I know parahypothyroid symptoms when I hear others here). I've been suicidal because life's been too difficult for too long (learned new word, anhedonia. Comes from being near death, also from psych drug withdrawal). I started praying for grace a couple of days ago, & today my breathing is a little better! I have hope for the first time in months. I'm sleeping up to 3-6 hours/night & the swelling's gone (loose skin, though, I've aged 20 years in one year. Sigh, eternally vain), my eyesight's better, my diet is safely settled on steamed vegies (organic). I hope to get my parathyroid tumors out (20 minute surgery!) this month which should fix many things (including my new diabetes insipidus - basically chronic dehydration), & by Spring I hope to be ready to start introducing supplements & some new foods. It will take years, but I think the worst is over. To make sense of my suffering, I must warn others when I see an opportunity so they can avoid my mistakes if they so choose. Thanks again, Flower, it was nice to meet you.

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Your suffering is enormous but you sound as if you have turned a corner.

Life goes on and you show resilience and already a little recovery. We start a new year and I hope this one brings you better health after your op.

Please keep posting and keep us updated on your progress. You have a good understanding of what has happened and writing about it might help others but also yourself towards an eventual acceptance.

It was nice to meet you too and I wish you very good health.


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Flower, I just read your profile. WOW! We've so much in common. You're ahead of me, though. I'm too sick to cleanse, etc., yet, and having my mercur fillings removed while everythign in my body is so leaky (gut, brain, capillaries) wouldn't be good. I ordered stool & organic acids tests online, got the stool but have to do it over the weekend to mail it when they want, & I forgot & did a coffee enema. Next weekend. I wanted to do methylation, etc. (high homocysteine) but they couldn't ship to my state (USA) so I have to figure out which lab does my state & find the correct paperwork for my new doctor (he's humoring me because he thinks he'll get me into his hyperbaric chamber) to order the test. Or find another doc who does it. Anyway, I'll be back in touch with you to pick your brain about all you've done to bring yourself back to health. Congrats, I'm very happy for you & thrilled to have found another source for learning.


Thank you Lisa.

Still a way ago as after the christmas excess (ALL my OWN fault) I have dramatically regressed and now SO need to focus.

I am cross at myself for allowing this to happen but it is hard when all around you are WELL and the worst is trying to coordinate tests, and bloods .. and find and decipher the (very complicated) instructions for the carrier to collect the said tests and deliver them to the right lab on the right day, blah, blah, blah ..... we need PA's or secreatarys Lisa .. ! ! ..

My biggest advancement is my HEAD now works (Yay ! ! ..) so at least I can think and organise but I get worried things will go pear shaped and I'll have another cognitive downfall.

My worst is my mouth problems which are god awful at present.

Back to strict nutritious diets, sups and more investigating. .

I have just done a urine hormone test to be sent to Denmark re menopause stuff except now I have just had a period ! ! .... .




You sound so ill, yet full of willingness to learn and change some things. I wish you all the best in your endeavour to get properly well again.

Years ago when several family and close friends died of cancer in the same year, I started to find out the things you mention. I wanted to do the best to prevent me and my children going down the same route.

It was then I found out about the hazards of standard personal care and how the chemicals were so small that shampoo got in through the skin etc. I swapped all my skin care. personal care, dishsoap, washing powder etc to sisel products. they are keen to have all their products not only be not harmful, but actually beneficial to health. I still always order from them once a month. shampoo lasts months, toothpaste lasts a month, and I buy supplements too now. I spend about £50 a month depending what I need. Available in many countries but on mail order only.

see zest.mysisel,com .

I think this has helped me get back to health as much as anything. They don't parade as 'organic' or 'natural' personal care products. Even water is a chemical,We just don't need anything that is going to add to our toxic load, and we need ingredients that can do what we expect from a good shampoo etc. Supplements are complex formulations that the body can use fully and have the benefits we look for and can feel help us. Despite other struggles my body hasn't had to deal with chemical stress as well by changing to safe alternatives.


I distill my own water so dont have flouride and chlorine in it.

One thing pepole forget when it comes to doctors. They have done their medical training but they learn a little bit of this and that, never a whole lot about one thing. We learn more about the thyroid than they ever do because we concentrate on that one subject. And a lot of doctors have little common sense.

Here is a great example -

I know a lady who is totally housebound and asked her doctor to arrange to write to her library to confirm that she is housebound and needs the library to bring her books to her. In the UK libraries do this for a lot of people who need it, it is normal for them.

The doctor said yes of course and did the letter. When she chased it up wondering how come the letter had not gone to the library it turned out that the doctor had had the letter typed and was then waiting for this lady TO GO INTO THE SURGERY TO COLLECT IT.

She reminded the receptionist that she is housebound. And that the letter was sayingi she is housebound and needs the library to bring her books over. The receptionist said.

Well next time you go out you can collect the letter and take it to the library.

She reminded the receptionist that she does not go out! Which is why she needed the letter.

She asked them to send it to the library. She then told the library that the letter would be there soon.

The library said - well maybe you can collect the letter and bring it in!

The lady reminded the library that the letter was about her being housebound.

The librarian got very bossy with her and insisted that next time she go out she is to drive to the doctors and then drive to the library with the letter, that she must have a disabled car she can go out in.

Er no she said. I dont drive. I dont have a car. If I drove and had a car I would have been able to come to the library to get my books. And I wouldnt have asked for this letter.

The doctor then rang her to remind her that she owed him £16.50 for the letter. His nurse was due to visit her the next day to take a blood test. So the lady said I will give the 16.50 to the nurse tomorrow.

Oh no the doctor said. Far better for you to come to the surgery and bring it in to me.

We dont trust the nurses with the money.

So again she had to remind the doctor that the whole point of the letter was that she could not go out and this is what she was paying the 16.50 for!

He still could not see it without lots more explanation.

So dont expect your doctors to be able to give excellent diagnosis and be sharp in the mind, if they cannot understand something as basic and simple as this.


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