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It's Time to start drinking alcohol!!

Today on the news New Guidelines will come into force next year for GP's and all patients who drink alcohol...

Meaning a heavy work load for our already stretched GP's but they don't mind they're getting paid good money for it! But what about the quality time left for us neglected Thyroid Patients?? There is precious amounts of that now. So instead of Thyroid suffers being prescribed antidepressants to smother/cover up, the symptoms of taking T4 will we all have to start drinking alcohol just to ensure we will get "unconditional" treatment/care..

Please Tell me your thoughts.

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Am really not sure that an extra 10minutes is going to sort a potential alcoholic out -that is if they confess to their heavy drinking and correctly answer the questions....I thought one of the issues of alcoholism was denial! Surely if they wish to be successful they would need to box far more lever than this....sounds like a sop form the government so they can pretend they are addressing a growing problem!!

to be honest even if my GP was to give me time he/she doesn't understand how to treat me so this would not resolve things either -doctors need a more enlightened training and until the guidelines change the current ridiculous approach the chances of getting effective treatment for hypothyroidism on the NHS remains low. My GP said he would not continue treatment unless I saw an endocrinologist as he doesn't ' understand my condition or how to monitor or manage my condition.' He is an experience GP and I have stable hypothyroidism for over ten years.....thing is I could not argue with him -he is right he doesn't understand or know!


You GP is effectively saying that he doesn't want or need to learn anything new now that he has left medical school. Not exactly confidence-inspiring...


I really don't know Humanbean -I think he is more worried about getting hit over the head by the GMC! Currently I have an NDT on NHS Prescription but it is totally reliant on a doctor being prepared to prescribe it on a named patient basis -this I have had for three years but in that time the surgery had to source a different GP to in their practice to prescribe it -it seems this one is now getting cold feet if no one will will agree to prescribe it in the practice I won't get it -simple as that. And there is nothing I can do about that no matter how long they have prescribed it for.

And then there is ignorance......

And the 10min only appointment regime -tip- talk on the phone you get longer -i got 20mins not that has made much difference! now hanging out for what the endo will say re prescription but the endo can advise the GP doesn't have to am probably wasting my money!

Sorry for the moaning rant!


I think they are looking at people who have not got an obvious drinking problem, but who drink regularly and dont realise they are going over the recommended alcohol units. One large glass of wine drunk by a women daily will take her over the recommended limit. The article doesnt suggest that people will get unconditional care or treatment. Itis no different than the gp asking if you smoke and then giving appropriate advice


If GP's are already stretched why are practice managers still advertising for patients?


Simply by stricking patients off the register they can then can offer new patients registration, as Bluedaffodil said it's "patient cleansing"!..only their still stretched..


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