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Feeling really down after visit to doctors

Just been for my appointment.

Doctor refuses to treat for hypo as my TSH is 3.4 which is 'tickety boo'. I mentioned if I was in America I'd be treated over 2.5 & that my last test was over 4. But to give me even a small dose of levo would be more detrimental to my health than living the way I am now.

I broke down, I'm still in tears now! It's not like me at all. She's said she'll do them again in 3 months & we can discuss HRT. I had to agree but told her that I'm convinced it my thyroid & not menopause.

She tried to be understanding & said 'I really want to help & I can see how it's affecting you but I can't give you levo knowing it will damage your long term health. I really do feel for you & im sure when I reach that age I'll feel as bad as you'.

Any advice where I go from here please?

Feel free to PM me. Thank you, I'm feeling so fed up now.

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Unfortunately, the rules in the UK state that the TSH must reach 10 before prescribing. The GPs have to follow the guidelines as the onus falls on them alone if something happened to patient, although some will prescribe when it is over the top of the range which is approx 5+.

It is disappointing for you when you have disabling symptoms and one doctor and others now retired would have probably prescribed.

One of the humane doctors said that the rules i.e. TSH of 10 (plus people whose TSH doesn't rise enough to be diagnosed but has symptoms) were put in parlous situations. He was pursued by the GMC and appeared before them quite a few times but the toll (his patients/staff believe it was the cause of his demise due to a stroke. This is part of comments:-

Excerpt -

In his capacity as a Consultant Virologist at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham he was referred patients who were thought to have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Myalgic Encephalopathy (ME) and other problems thought to be related to viral infection; he felt that a number of these people had classical signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism and treated them with thyroid replacement with encouraging results. He then started working with a number of General Practitioners to address the possibility that there may be a group of individuals who have normal thyroid chemistry but are suffering from hypothyroidism. The British Medical Journal published a letter in 1997 from Dr Skinner and a number of General Practitioners bringing this to the notice of the medical world.

Dr Skinner’s work involved a specific group of patients who have thyroid chemistry within the reference range but clinical signs and symptoms of disease; he argued that blood tests should not be pivotal in the diagnosis and treatment of hypothyroidism as they had never been validated as a marker of optimal health. Secondly, in this particular group of patients it was not known what their blood test results were when they were healthy therefore using blood tests as the only criteria for diagnosis was not sufficient.

I think because he was a Virologist the Endocrinology didn't want to take his advice.

This is from another doctor/scientist/researcher - died of an accident:-

ONE OF THE WORST DISASTERS in the history of medicine is the endocrinology specialty’s modern guidelines for diagnosing and treating patients whose bodies are under-regulated by thyroid hormone. These guidelines and the beliefs they’re based on have

caused a worldwide public health crisis. It involves the chronic ill-ness of scores of millions of people and the premature deaths of incalculable numbers more. Each year, billions of dollars are spent for drugs intended to control patients’ chronic symptoms; the drugs

are largely ineffective and often induce adverse effects in the patients. Researchers who fail to recognize that the cause of the patients’ symptoms is under-regulation by thyroid hormone do studies looking for other causes. Since they are blinded to the real

culprit, their fruitless efforts squander billions of research dollars.


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Really feel for you - I had a normal test at the doctors over a month ago, paid for a BH test and it's normal but near the end ranges - I've been ill for over 20 yrs just getting more and more symptoms - it's got to the stage now I'm hardly doing anything, feel so ill - will see the doctor but know she won't do anything till I have an abnormal test - how ill do I have to get!


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