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Fed up 🙄

Well been a while since been on here, still get the numbing legs and pain in back still when walk. I can just about manage half hour to hour before the pain in my back hurts worst walking or just doing spot of cleaning nothing to heavy.

I had an MRI on my back got told bulges on spine but not trapped nerve that was roughly a year ago. Still in pain as I'm bordline for them to do anything with me.

My thyroid dose is okay according to dose I'm on 125 mg. However my hands still go cold and sore when to cold because it hurts from being to cold. I get blue lips when I have cold hands to as I have noticed.

My psoriasis has flared up again on my scalp only place I have noticed it.

Lately I have been suffering headaches that make me feel sick but I'm not actually sick. Had blood test for that. First result was bordaline so had to redo and that next one came back better. However still no clue to why I have this constant headache which can be in the background or really banging and even lying down don't help.

My weight situation is no change although I have tried to lose I've got a Fitbit to help me with that.

In the new year I am registered for fit for change. Has anyone been on that course run by nhs?.

Any how that's my update.

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Hi sueirving

I note you joined in Aug last year but you don't appear to have posted any blood test results.

Have your had a Full Thyroid blood test recently, i.e. TSH, T4, T3, FT4 and FT3. also Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate.

If not, I advise you to request it from the GP. He may only want to do TSH and T4 but say you want a Full Thyroid Function Test as you have been feeling more unwell lately.

Make the appointment at the earliest and fast (you can drink water) and leave about 24 hours between your last dose of levo and the test and take it afterwards.

Get a print-out from the surgery with the ranges of the results and post on a new question. Members will then respond.


Nope not asked for them and I got told it doesn't have to be fasting test for thyroid and can take tablets as normal? By my gps any how


Sueirving, that's right but patients hoping for a diagnosis or dose increase will have higher TSH if they book early morning tests and fast (water only) as TSH drops post-prandially. Levothyroxine should be taken after the blood draw as it can peak in the serum for up to six hours after ingestion and may give a false elevated FT4 which will deny a dose increase, or even lead to a dose reduction.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.

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Just phoned my gps and providing get permission I will get results on Christmas Eve. Fingers crossed 😜


You Don't need permission. It is your legal right to have a copy of YOUR blood test results. If they Don't give them to you, they are breaking the law. But, make sure you get the ranges with them, because without ranges, they are useless. :)

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I have asked for them so hope comes with info I need

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Hi Sue, I don't think your thyroid dose is okay if you still have ALL those symptoms. I know the back issues are difficult because those were my problems even after beginning treatment with Synthroid. I developed perineural cysts but I believe if I had been put on Armour or some NDT at a proper dose, that would not have happened.

Have you seen your actual blood test results? If not, possibly they are not okay.


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