Is this linked to Hashimoto's?

I seem to be getting several cold sore outbreaks this year as opposed to the usual 1 I get a month. I've been getting 4 or 5 lately and it doesn't seem to matter whether I'm on a period or not. They tend to appear just before my period but now they just crop up whenever! I've tried using Zovirax in the past for cold sores but after applying it, it made my lip bleed and so it put me off using it again. :(

Also I came over feeling very sick (almost to the point of throwing up) and sleepy yesterday, so I went for a lie-down in bed. About an hour later the sick feeling was still there so I had a few things to eat to help keep the sick feeling down. It worked and I've not had the sick feeling since. I'm wondering if it could be hypoglycaemia?

Diabetes HbA1c came back negative, as did Coeliac Disease test.

Iron is low at 21ug/L but I've started taking Spatone again for that.

Latest TSH result is 4.6 (0.27-4.2) and FT4 is 15.6 (12.22). I'm on thyroxine with the dose at 125mcg.


Jo xxx

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There may be link. I used to be plagued by cold sores. Somebody bought me a laser for this. It really helped. Here's a link to something similar.


Hi Ian thanks for your help and the link. The only problem is I don't notice the tingling or blister stage straightaway. It's only when the cold sore is very much halfway through its phase that I notice it. The laser is worth investing in if it can still help the cold sores to heal at the stage I notice them.

Jo xxx

Hi Jo. I've found it helps even if the cold sores are established. Always better to catch them obviously. I feel your pain.


Hi Ian!! That's good if the laser works even at the stage I notice them! Yes, it is a nightmare especially since I never used to get them as often as I do now.

Thanks :)

Jo xxx

I find Superdrug's own brand of cold sore cream works better than Zovirax

Hi Foxglove!! Thanks for the tip. I looked on Superdrug's main site and although the cold sore cream is available there are also adhesive patches available. They don't seem to have many good reviews but they are cheaper so I don't mind spending a few quid either on the cream a pack of patches as long as they have some chance of working.

It's funny how some people find that supermarkets' own-brand products work better than the more mainstream ones. It's like that with shampoo - I don't get on with all these hairdressers' own makes but I could spend £1 on a bottle of shampoo from a supermarket's own and my hair comes out lovely. Strange. ;)

Jo xxx

Hi Jo853, haven't tried the patches (didn't even know of them!), but I can vouch for the cream. If I apply it at the first sign of the cold sore "tingle" the cold sore doesn't develop

Agree with you about the shampoo. I have spent a lot on "magic" ones and to be honest I even sometimes use Fairy liquid with good results! good luck with whatever you decide to try

Cheers Chris x

Hi Chris! Wow, Fairy Liquid? Who'd have thought that? :o

Unfortunately by the time I realise I have a cold sore it's already past the tingle stage and has developed into a blister. :( Hopefully the cream would still work for that.

Incidentally - I hope you don't mind me asking - but do you have very fine hair at all? My hair is so flyaway after I wash it and even a day in after and has no volume. It just falls flat over my face. I have used volumising products in the past but they do nothing. Do you have any recommendations for that? If not no worries. :)


Jo xxx

Hi Jo, don't mind you asking at all! Yes I do have fine fly away hair full of static esp. if the weathers cold and bright, however there's a lot of it and it grows quick. At the moment well below shoulder length and I swim 3/4 times a week (no cap) so a lot of tangles, I use any of the cheapie shampoos/ conditioners recommended for daily use - recently discovered a product that is nothing short of miraculous, L'OREAL LEAVE-IN SPRAY CONDITIORER use after normal products, gets even the most stubborn knots out and can be used on dry hair too. I'm not a L'OREAL fan usually but love this one. Don't pamper your hair too much .I use a TANGLE TEASER brush with great enthusiasm and any hair that's pulled out soon grows back!

Yes the cream works on the blister stage, if I haven't had a cold sore for a time don't always recognise it starting but cream dries up blister nicely! Give it a go!

Wishing you success Sorry a bit long-winded reply. Forgive? Chris x

Hi Chris!! No problems for your reply!! The more info the better. :)

My hair's full of static too - I only have to brush it a few times and it goes flyaway! :( My hair is also very long and it falls to just below the middle of my back (I like having long hair!) so any products like the L'oreal Leave-In Spray will be ideal! Thanks for the tip! :)

I've seen the Tangle Teaser brushes about too and although they seem expensive for the one brush if they work very well that's worth it!

Will definitely give the cream a go! I have a Superdrug very close by so I'll pop in there sometime and get that. :)

Thanks for your help!!

Jo xxx

Hi Jo , me too, like having long hair that is1, also about middle of back. (maybe we met in another life?)

More exact details about the L'OREAL LEAVE IN SPRAY;-






Can't be bad!

And Superdrug has it.... though I don't always like L'OREAL another product that found good is their ELVIVE anti-dandruff daily use shampoo - don't have dandruff but it was on offer for 99p at DISCOUNT UK so was tempted Found out it contains selenium , I am hypo and selenium supposed to be good (even if through skin?)

The TANGLE TEASER worth every penny and lasts forever, also doesn't make hair all "electric" Think it's cheaper online but Boots also sometimes have on offer, so as usual - CHECK before you buy!

Enjoy experimenting, and you don't need to spend too much . I am retired and on state pension so know how it is to have to watch the pennies!!!

Chris x

p.s. Wishing you A HAPPY 2014xxx

Hi Chris!! Thanks for the info!! Yes, Superdrug do lots of offers as do Boots, so would be worth looking at especially since you were able to get the anti-dandruff shampoo on offer. For 99p you can't go wrong really! ;)

Happy New Year to you too!

Jo xxx

I get cold sores if I am low on B vits.

Hi Silver_Fairy, thanks for your reply.

My Vitamin B12 seems ok - 363 with normal range at 180-900. GP hasn't advised me to take Vitamin B12 supplements, only Vitamin D, but I have got a chewable multivitamin supplement I bought just before Christmas. They are kids' ones but they contain vitamins A, B, C and D. Hopefully they should be ok to take as well as the Vitamin D I take on top.

Jo xxx

....I do think your B12 is too low - think it should be higher - around 800. Also bear in mind that only about 20% of the B12 in the blood can be used at a cellular level. Hence the need to have it higher in the range. Try VitC and also Lyseine.... Blisteze cream - I have found to be effective.

Hi Marz, would the multivitamin I have on me help at all or would I be messing about too much with it? Due to it being a kids' one I could take a double dose as that would put my levels better, surely.

The multivitamins I have contain:

Vitamin A: 400ug - 50% RDA

Vitamin D3: 2.5ug - 50% RDA

Vitamin E: 6mg - 50% RDA

Vitamin C: 42mg - 53% RDA

The Spatone I have contains Vitamin C and one sachet contains 5mg or 36% RDA of Vitamin C. I've looked online for Lyseine and I've noticed that it's sold as an ointment and in tablet form. I can't find any web matches for Blisteze cream but I can for Blistex. Also seems very affordable.


Jo xxx

...yes you are correct- it is Blistex - formerly Blisteze ! I do not normally go by RDA's as I have read that they are often understated. Taking a Kids dose will only help a LITTLE ! B12 should be taken separately - as if you increase a multi-vit to the required B12 dose you may well overdose on some other of the B's for instance. Higher Nature do a good B Complex - True Food which enables good/better absorption.

May be a good idea to try B12 patches to raise your levels. Many of the B12 deficiency symptoms are similar to Hypo ones. Take a look at hampster1 and her posts - she is so very helpful with B12 et al....

Wow! Taking kids' ones will only help slightly? Even a double dose? Ah well. They did only cost under a couple of quid so that's money I won't miss. ;)

Looking online the patches don't seem that badly priced (I don't work so I'm trying to save the pennies!) and they seem pretty straightforward to use. Would more Vitamin B12 help with thyroid function and help with raising thyroid hormone levels?

I'll look at Hampster1 too!! :)


Jo xxx

Sorry didn't actually mean Vit B12, more the whole B spectrum. Ive tried to work out which one/ones specifically it may be but haven't managed to yet! I take a good Vit B complex.

Hi, no worries. I think I may have confused the issue by mentioning my B12 levels and not the whole B spectrum!! Sorry!! It might be worth investing in a good Vit B supplement if I can get one cheaply enough. :)


Jo xxx

I also use a cold sore machine. I use the one from Boots -

It seems expensive at first but I haven't had to use any creams now for three years. It works at the tingly stage that the sore does not develop but it also works at the sore/crusty stage and rapidly speeds up healing compared to creams. Another advantage seems to be that for some people it seems to stop as many break outs. Take a look at the reviews on the Boots website. I have been cold sore free now for about a year. Not sure if it is due to using the machine but I have also increased my B12 supplements and D3 and am feeling so much better with fewer underactive symptoms

Hi Judburke thanks for your help and the link.

The cold sore machine you've recommended to me does seem very effective. It is a lot of money in one go but it might be worth it when I weigh that against how many outbreaks I get now.

P.s. Happy New Year :)

Jo xxx

The cold sore machine is the greatest thing , I brought one from boots 6 weeks ago I have had a cold sore a week and everyone I have had I 've used the machine more than they say which is twice a day ,but also on the leaflet it said can be used more so that's what I have done and they never appear at all.

Before I brought the machine not one single thing worked ,the last cold sore I had covered

my hole bottom lip and when I went to see my doctor he nearly fell of his chair and said he had never seen a cold sore so bad it looked really disgusting .That was the point I thought

tablets do not work I had tried every think the scares I have are so bad the machine was my only hope and it worked no more staying in for two weeks .

I just keep zapping it as soon as I feel one coming 10 times but it works and its not harmful .

I am only getting them now cause I started work after not working for three years , its

in a kitchen so its a lot of running around I was very over weight as well and have been trying to lose weight for ages and I have lost loads , I am run down but who wouldn't be after not working three years plus the fact of my thyroid problems and my type 2 die that's all playing a part in the one cold sore a week but my body will soon get used to it.

So I highly rate this machine and say if your using the creams save some money and get one

cause sooner or later those creams and tabs stop working and cost the earth .

I am so happy now !!!!!!!

Good for you!! :D I used to get pretty nasty cold sores myself.This isn't so much the case now but they've increased in frequency. Funnily enough, my cold sores don't seem to increase with stress or changes in lifestyle, just seems to be anything these days! :o

You're right, who wouldn't be run down after having thyroid problems and being out of work? I got a job within 5 months of leaving my previous one and to tell you the truth I was really run down back then. I had a thyroid test done 2 weeks after I left that job (I failed probation) and the GP said the TSH was *way" out of range!

So yes, I'll look at the machine now, definitely! Thanks for your help - and good luck in your job! :)

Jo xxx

The supplement zinc can be good to prevent cold sores from erupting. The down side for you is it compete's with iron and it looks like your iron levels are very low. It could be if you're low on iron you could be low on zinc as well. Both are needed for good thyroid function.

Hi Yana, thanks for your reply.

I might look at getting a topical supplement as that might be a safer option to take since I'm taking Spatone. I've looked online and I can get it quite cheaply so thanks for the tip! :)

Jo xxx

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