Fed up of headaches!

I have just arrived home from a review of blood test results with my GP, I have hypothyroid and Hashi's.

She said my levo is working and plans to keep me on the dose I am on.

The blood test results show only "serum TSH level 1.02mIU/L (0.35-4.94mIU/L)". I am obviously in the range, so she said there is nothing else that needs to be done.

I disagree!

I still suffer from debilitating headaches among other symptoms of a lesser significance, and asked to be referred to an endocrinologist in the hope that they might know more about the relationship between hypo and headaches, but she refused, saying there is nothing that they would do that she couldn't.

She initially rejected that I had Hashi's and said only this time when I pointed out the result from last time showing that antibodies are present that she must have been wrong!

Apologies for being frustrated but quite honestly I have had enough of GPs being so incompetent!

I was therefore wondering if anybody else has had a difficult experience with a GP in relation to symptoms not disappearing because of being told that "they're too common" amongst the general population to be able to act upon. Does anyone have any tips for getting rid of symptoms? I have also been gluten free for about two months now, and I have noticed no change.

Thanks in advance!

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  • I was prescribed Propranalol for debilitating and very frequent migraines. They work like a charm. They are a beta blocker. Worth considering after assessment. I am hypo non hashi.

  • Propanolol was one of the very first medications I tried about a year before being diagnosed with hypo, among several other migraine prevention medications. Hit a dead end it seems!

  • Sweet potatoes give me migraines. Can eat carrots so not the carotene. Hypos can't process carotene efficiently and I have yellow skin if I overdo the carrots. The smell of hot chocolate, in drinks or heated cake, cause migraines for me too. A food diary is an excellent idea. My best wishes to you.

  • We all have problems with our GP's they just don't want to know!

    Have you tried omitting dairy? Gluten, dairy and soy are bad for us with Hashimotos, all cause inflammation.

    Start a food diary to see what foods cause you problems. I can't have any of the nightshade group(potato,tomato, aubergine)

    Have you had vitD, B12, Folate,feretin, Selenium checked?

    You're likely to be low in some or all of these as runs withHashimotos.

    Bluehorizonmedicals have thyroid tests. Thyroid plus 11 is good as it's pinprick so you can do at home. There's also thyroid plus 15 which will test for everything. Not cheap but sooo worth it to know where you are and what you need to sort.

    Chris Kresser website

    Dr Datis Khazzarian books

    Immune system recovery plan by Susan Blum is helpful

    Izabella Wentz

    Plus I've just read that a large proportion of Hashimotos sufferers have the Epstein Barr virus or other bugs putting the microbiome out of kilter so that's what I'm on to next!

  • A food diary is a fantastic idea thank you! I will order a few of those books too. Thanks :)

  • Hi Katiekatie.. I had Glandular Fever and now hypo xx

  • There seems to be a real link when the immune system is really compramised to hypothyroidism.

  • I eventually went it alone after being convinced levothyroxine wasn't right for me . I may have been right on the levo, but I also believe from my experience that the symptoms of hashi's can cause pain and symptoms regardless to whether I am clinically euthyroid. Headache from the neck and shoulder inflammation is something I get a lot still.

  • That's interesting... I assume you went to private then? I can't seem to find any NHS endo who accepts patients without a GP referral?

  • No, my GP still thinks I'm on levo. I use thryoid s from thailand and have private blood tests when I need them but don't have a private endo - though if I though I needed one I would.

  • Ahh okay I see, interesting thanks i'll look into that as well :)

  • Do you have migraines. There are prescription medicines that will help. I went to the Migraine Clinic at Kings College Hospital and they gave me beta blockers and suggested I take Co-Enzyme Q10. Beta blockers didn't help. Mine were hormone related and only the prescription medicine helped.

  • I suffer with chronic migraines that started about 2 years ago they tried me on all sorts of medications that did bugger all except make me feel worse, i now have botox treatment in the head and neck for the migraines, it works fantastically well although very painful the pain is worth the relief. My migraines are actually caused by spondylosis of the neck.


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