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Functional Doctors in London/UK?

Hi all, a couple of weeks ago I wrote and asked about good endocrinologists in and around London, but somoene recommended I see a Functional Doctor.

Can anyone give me the name of a good one?


Recommendations via private messages please in accordance with posting guideline #25, thank you.

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I don't know whether has anyone on their list but the Office doesn't open now until the 5th January. You can email if someone doesn't respond to your above post.


I have seen a functional doctor at the Hale Clinic (near Portland Place tube station) , for the past seven years. His name is Dr Mouton. He is excellent and so knowledgable on all thyroid problems. He was originally on Thyroid u.k's list of recommended doctors. He isn't anymore, largely because he is VERY expensive. I don't see him anymore for that very reason. He is Belgium and also has practices in Brussels and Madrid.

Hope that helps?


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