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Attack of the antibodies?

Hi all,

I had a bad stomach bug for a few days last week, I was better by thurs but for the last couple of days I've been feeling quite anxious, had chest pain and today had neck pain and a slightly gravelly voice. I also feel tired and headachey. Is it likely that I'm still recovering, or could it be that the bug has trigger an attack on my thyroid? Or is it impossible to know?! I've got a blood test on weds as I'm still trying to get to grips with T3 only and I really don't want a skewed set of results due to a temporary situation. Am I right in thinking an attack would lower tsh and raise ft3?

Many thanks


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I'm not sure this will be helpful:-

When you are sick, your body decreases production of T3 from T4. Most people who are sick enough to be in the hospital will have a low T3 or free T3 concentration in their blood. For this reason, doctors do not usually use FT3 as a routine thyroid test for patients in hospitals.


It is, thank you. I feel a lot better this morning for some reason, like a brick's been lifted off my chest and someone's turned the light on in my brain! Maybe I was just still recovering.


It does sound as if you're on quite a good dose now that you're feeling better.


I still feel quite up and down, and exercise tolerance is still quite an issue for me - seems to induce an anxiety attack if I run too fast and I love running! Ho hum, shall see what tomorrow's blood shows. Thanks Shaws


Ideally, you have to get to an optimum of medication as exercising depletes our T3 unfortunately which then can cause symptoms if it's not at a good level in the first place.

I have read that exercise should be 'to tolerance' which I assume means even walking or swimming until you feel your energy is sufficient to do what you used too.

I hope you can get back to normal 'exercising' soon.


Thanks very much Shaws, me too!


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