Help to understand thyroid test results

Hi, I am hoping someone can help me. I eventually got my doctor to do a thyroid check and I got the results back. TSH is 1.6, T3 is 1.9 and T4 is 12.8. My doctor thought these results were 'normal' but I wondered if there was more to it.....The rest of the results of the full blood count were 'normal'. I was diagnosed with cfs/me 5 years ago and went through an early menopause at 21. I'm now 41. Any advice would be hugely appreciated.

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  • Frannymc, you'll need to post the lab ranges (figures in brackets after results) for members to interpret and explain your results. TSH 1.6 is normal for someone not on Levothyroxine but I can't tell about FT4 and FT3 without the ranges.

  • We need the reference ranges too but assuming the usual ranges apply your very low TSH

    Very low t3

    And bottom of range t4

    All indicate to me that you have Central / 2ndary hypothyroid as opposed to primary hypothyroid which is probably all that your gp knows

    Central hypothyroid is when pituarity is faulty and cant increase TSH to kick the thyroid

    Primary hypothyroid is when thyroid is faulty and cant produce t4 or t3

  • we need the reference ranges too in order to assess this

    against usual ranges both t4 and t3 are low as is TSH but without the range we cant tell

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