1st Blood test results I need help to understand them please

Hi there

I came back from hospital and got a copy of my results. I had TT 24/6

TSH 0.04 normal is ( 0.35-5.55 )

Free T4 20.2 normal is ( 10-19.8 )

Free T3 4.9 normal is ( 3.55-5.44 )

I didn't see the doctor who operated but someone else, I was given 100mcg levothyroxin after the op , Now after the 6 week check up he wanted to drop it to 75 mcg

Many thanks if someone replies :o)

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How do you feel?

I feel rubbish because I now have fluid under the scar and have been feeling sweaty and tingly legs

if you feel terrible you may be better with T3 only.. talk with your doctor about feeling rubbish on T4 and the possibility that you have a conversion problem.. see this video of 2 Scottish women in the same boat

Brilliant :o) I saved it in my favourites and look at it in full later.

Perhaps she should try normalising her blood results before trying something like that. Her blood results suggest she is over medicated.

Bummer! Can't access the video! Is it because I am from Canada? What is the title of it so I can search it in my own on YouTube. Thx

It is just a YouTube link - but the original link included "player_embedded" - perhaps it will work without that:

Or, with added spaces, so you can see exactly what the link is:

https:// www. youtube. com/ watch? v=CVXvYrJJ5dU

I am not in a position to check whether it would work outwith the UK!

Thank you. Wish my doctor could watch this!

Ok all taken aboard , need to discuss this with my doctor obviously , thank you all :o)

Your blood results suggest you are over medicated so try dropping your T4 to 75ug as the doctor suggests. You may find that you go too far in the other direction (if your TSH goes above 2) then you could try and intermediate dose eg 62.5ug. Bear in mind that it could take a while for you to feel better once on the correct dose, months rather than days or weeks. I have found over the years that I've felt best with a TSH of 0.5.

If after trying T4 only you still don't feel well next step is to try a combination of T4 and T3. Start with 5ug T3 per day. Be wary about jumping to try T3 only as suggested above. Its a last resort in my opinion. Its not what happens in nature and it doesn't suit everyone. It may be good for people who have more serious problems with metabolising T4 and converting it to T3 but this is generally not the case for most people. I felt worse when I tried a higher dose of T3 (20ug vs 10ug).

I would go along with that Natalie, I tried to up my 20mcg of T3 to 25mcg and had a very bad reaction almost immediately. Now down to 15mcg T3 and feel much better but still a bit of fine tuning to do.

Thanks Natalie and Jan , I obviously need to see my doctor about this. Thanks again

Wow! thanks for the link to the video. I started watching it and couldn't believe what I was hearing. I have been in chronic pain for the last 15 years and it was put down to a whiplash accident. It never even entered my head that Hypothyroidism could cause pain. I think I am going to ask my GP to refer me.

Thank you so much.

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