Graves Disease? What to do?

I have posted several things to do with my weird blood test results and nobody has suggested it could be Graves until now.

I have very high T3 levels (22 when top of the range is 6) but my TSH is high to ie 6.8. But my T4 is low and I assumed that was because I take T4.

I have no symptoms of hyperactivity but I have reduced my T3 dose because I don;t want to add to them. However, I haven't stopped the T3 altogether because I felt horrid when I didn;t take any for 3 days.

I would go to the doctors but Im not sure they could do anything immediately, they have not been keen on my protocol of taking T3 (as most doctors aren't). I felt quite well until I got these results which I have been trying to act on but felt horrible. So as I said Im adding a small dose of T3 to help reduce T3 levels. More importantly I havent been to the doctors because I go to New York on Monday.

Any advice on whether Im a walking time bomb? My T4 is very low ie below range so I think that deflects a diagnosis of Graves but help!!


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  • TSH remaining high suggests the possibility of either pituitary resistance to thyroid hormone (very rare) or some sort of pituitary malfunction, possibly a small tumour which is putting out excessive TSH.

  • I'm sorry you are in a predicament. Above you state your T4 is low and you assume it's because you 'take' T4? Or are you on T3 only.

  • Sorry, yes I meant T3. You see its even got to my brain now.

  • Numberone1, Very unlikely. Graves hyperthyroidism presents with suppressed TSH, high FT4 and/or high FT3.


    I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.

  • Yes, thats what the person thought especially as the TSH and T4 are high and low etc.

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