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Best company for private thyroid tests in London?

Hi everyone,

I'm looking to get some quite comprehensive thyroid tests done and would like to know the best company to go with that also includes the phlebotomy service (I don't think I'd be able to take the blood myself!)

I live in London but anywhere in London or areas of Surrey near London would be fine for me to travel to for the blood tests.

I'm aware Thyroid UK notes on their website which companies provide these services but I'd like some personal recommendations, which companies you have used and found to be the most reputable as, to be honest, some of the providers' websites do not fill me with a lot of confidence!

Many thanks in advance!

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Also, when I've looked in the past on the Thyroid UK website there were quite substantial discounts for some of these thyroid test providers when quoting 'Thyroid UK' however there seems to be no mention of this now. Does anyone know how I could go about getting a discount, if these are available anymore that is?


No idea if they are the best, but worked brilliantly for me. Booked Thyroid Screen Plus from MediChecks (they are online but I found it easier to telephone and organise to have the blood test done at 76 Wimpole Street, London W1). The cost was £99 and included screening for TSH, Free Thyroxine hormone, Total Thyroxine (T4), Free T3, Thyroglobulin Antibody and Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies.


Hi You will not do better than Blue Horizon although they also do a good finger prick test if you want to DIY



I agree, I've used the Blue Horizon fingerprick test several times, everything comes in a pack with instructions, you prick your finger, pack your sample up with its paperwork, post it back to them and the results are through in a few days. Very easy and reliable, well worth the money.

I've used City Assays several times for vitamin D testing - exactly the same system. would definitely recommend both companies.

There is or used to be a box somewhere through the transaction to put the TUK code in - if you don't find it you can always just abort the online order and ring up and speak to someone. I had to do that once when I did something dopey and it kept asking me for PayPal information rather than my debit card.


I used Medichek and they were brilliant


It's worth asking your local hospital if they do private phlebotomy, my local hospital took mine for free much to my surprise.


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