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Adrenal support

Does nutri adrenal contain any steroids?

I want to come off methylpregnisolone as I thinks it mankind me fat. I saw Marz write about leptins and I think this steroid may make me fat. I thought the adrenal would boost any testosterone which I am lacking.

My meds have been reduced again and I have really low temps now andstill have tinnitus. The ca lci Chews are making me have the runs and I can't stop weeing . And I think they make me feel week. I can't stop having wind. Was trying to buy a rug yesterday but the flatulence was so bad had to go home .it was loud to.

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Hi - no, Nutri Adrenal doesn't contain any steroids - it's whole adrenal gland, not steroids.

Be careful, though, if you are coming off steroids - you have to do that very slowly, decreasing by a small amount each week, otherwise it can cause horrible withdrawal symptoms. Of course, I don't know what dose you are on - it might be quite small already if you are taking it for thyroid-related issues? I was put on 20mg prednisilone a few years ago as they thought I had polymyalgia - and it took me a whole year to wean off it!

I'm not at all sure that adrenal supplements will help boost testosterone. Hopefully someone much more knowledgeable than me will come along and answer that. You could try googling it though, to see if that is or isn't the case?

I assume you have either consulted someone, or educated yourself, about whether low testosterone is, indeed, causing your health problems?


I was wondering at what point a Nutri adrenal fatigue supplement is taken?

What does the cortisol level need to be in order to justify prescribing or taking Nutri adrenal support?


Thankful for your reply. I was only on 4mg split am and pm. I reduced it to just 2mg am and reducing it down further. Even though my adrenal were low at 15. I still don't know what it's all about.

does the nutri adrenal do the same thing.

Hospital have recently done cortisol and it's still low and want to do a short synacthen test and cannot exclude Addison s according to their report.

Do you even think endo discussed this with me .guess what she didn't.

So my question is does it do the same thing.

regards Kate.


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