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Hi there, Thanks to everyone for your support so far on my journey. After my visit to the endo yesterday,and after taking Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Fatigue Questionnaire, I am starting to think that my adrenals may be a major part of my problems, (adrenal rashes, stage 3 CKD etc..)

After my useless endo, I am going to try a private saliva test and purchase some adrenal support supplements. I was just looking for anyone who had experienced the same thing to advise regarding the best supplements and the best saliva test?

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I have ordered Swanson Raw Adrenal Glandular. Any good?

It will depend on the results of your saliva test. The raw exract will contain adrenal hormones, so great if you are in stage 3 but not ideal if your adrenals are in overdrive (stage 1)

You have to know whether to assist your adrenals or offer them rest as to what you take. I couldn't advise myself but vitamin C is very helpful for either and it also binds to iron and keeps it circulating so I would take large doses. Licorice root keeps cortisol circulating so that MIGHT be a good thing if you have low cortisol.

Hi I am under supervision by Dr downing and he told me too start on vitamin C 2000mg morning and again at 4 and take natures way multivitamin ultra potency, within 1 week I feel huge difference

Thanks Mzahid. is that for adrenal support?

Ray Peat wrote:

“Thyroid is needed for the adrenals to function well, and adequate cholesterol, as raw material. It’s popular to talk about ‘weak adrenals,’ but the adrenal cortex regenerates very well. Animal experimenters can make animals that lack the adrenal medulla by scooping out everything inside the adrenal capsule, and the remaining cells quickly regenerate the steroid producing tissues, the cortex. So I think the ‘low adrenal’ people are simply low thyroid, or deficient in cholesterol or nutrients.”

— Raymond Peat, PhD

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