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Facebook group for adrenal support

Hello - please can anyone help? I recently came across a FB group for adrenal support, that I wanted to join. I've now set up a FB account (as wasn't on it before) but now can't remember what the group was called and can't find it! I remember that it was run by a woman (or several women) and that they manually approve people's applications to join the group.

I've tried typing "adrenal" into the search facility on FB, but it's not bringing it up......

Any help would be greatly appreciated - thanks!

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have you tried [ adrenal fatigue recovery].?? dave.

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I've found - support for adrenal fatigue, adrenal fatigue symptoms, living with adrenal fatigue and adrenal fatigue recovery.

Hope that helps!

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It looks like its run by janie bowthorpe who has been around for a long time.... She runs the stop the thyroid madness website

Xx g


I belong to Adrenal Fatigue Recovery.



Hello DaveD, LizzieMaybe, galathea and Flower007

Thanks very much for responding and sorry it's taken me a little while to get back to you. The Facebook group I was looking for was the FTPO-adrenals one - thanks, galathea! I must have seen it mentioned on the STTM website (but then completely forgot where I'd seen it!).

I've had a look at the other suggestions given above too and they all look really useful, so thanks to all.

Have a nice weekend :)



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