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Did you say you're always hot ?

someone just posted that they were hypothyroid ...and that they were always feeling hot.... I'm Not Hypothyroid ... I have Graves' disease ... and have been suffering

many symptoms of Graves for years without a diagnosis...

many many symptoms, one of the worst of which was overheating , hot flushes and night sweats... so I certainly know what you're talking about there !!!

once I'd been diagnosed , a few months ago, I paid to see an Endocrinologist privately , as I quickly realised my GP did not know much about the condition, he immediately

put me on CARBIMAZOLE .... and my symptoms , almost immediately started to reduce.

In fact the sweats and flushedps stopped !!

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Madge1979, thyroid helps regulate temperature and typically hyperthyroid patients who are running on fast will feel too hot, and hypothyroid patients running on slow will feel cold. Occasionally hyper patients will feel cold, and hypo patients hot. I was optimally medicated for18 months before I stopped feeling cold to the core even in summer, and only this summer did I begin to perspire slightly when weather was hot.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


thank you for reply ..

I guess I'm in this now and will experience the Yoyo effect with Carbimazole

... and they may never get the dosage to be correct ..



It seems there are no hard and fast rules. I had Graves and was on Carbimozole or PTU on and off for three years, until I had RAI. Now receive Levothyroxine on prescription (for the last three years) and, more recently, added T3 myself. Throughout the whole of that time I have had drenching sweats, irrespective of blood test results or medication. Before I developed Graves I hardly sweat at all, even during menapause. Seems I making up for it now.


Hi AnnT49

does that mean , that it's likely I will go from Hyperthyroid (Graves Disease) to Hypothyroid and probably not to able to keep it on a level of comfort ?


sorry Ann .....pressed send too soon there ....

Im new at this and dread never being able to get the balance right ... and growing old

and being ill because of my Thyroid.

I've been feeling very good since going on Carbimazole but I am aware that things could creep back up and I could in fact start to be Hyper again , so keeping the balance right is so important to me .... any tips on how I do that... as I'm keen to

avoid RAI or Surgery for as long as I possibly can ... just afraid that they are both

very permanent treatments ..

I have tried Everything available for flushes and sweats ... the only thing that worked and worked Immediately, has been Carbimazole ... 13 years I sweated it out ... with GP telling me ..... just Menopause !


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