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Hot sweats

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I'm 64 & have suffered with hot sweats, particularly bad during the night, for 10 years. I recently tried a progesterone cream but it made me ill. I'm reluctant to go to the doctors in case they say that I am too old to go onto HRT. I'm convinced that I am hypothyroidism as I had all the symptoms but my bloods came back "normal". Has anyone been in a similar position?

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Post your 'normal' results. Normal can be anywhere from the very bottom of the range to the very top and it's where in the range that counts. Hopefully you've had TSH, FT4, FT3 and thyroid antibodies tested, all are needed.



Has B12 been checked? If the night sweats are not related to menopause they may be caused by B12 deficiency.

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I will investigate B12. Thanks.

Yes, ‘normal ‘ is that for you, for your doctor, for the receptionist, for the doctors dog? It’s sometimes surprising how abnormal ‘normal’ is. Good luck. Be glad that you are past the age where they say it’s ‘the menopause’.

Hi Heather,

Sorry to hear you are struggling with sweats. I am younger than you (53) so could be deemed to be menopausal. I too have suffered with sweats and at times night sweats. So bad I was hardly getting any sleep. I have been using bioidentical hormone replacement and it sorts the sweating out brilliantly. By that I mean that it completely eliminates the sweats. I came off it for a while as things seemed to have settled, but after a very stressful time earlier this year (I lost my dad) all the menopausal stuff kicked off again. Have recently gone back onto bioidentcial cream and everything has settled down beautifully again. Your post caught my eye because I too do not seem to be able to tolerate straight progesterone- gives me terrible headache. The cream I am using is a combination of estradiol/progesterone/testosterone and DHEA. Unfortunately only available as far as I am aware through a private practitioner, but for me, worth it.

Some women I go walking with who are in their seventies and eighties say that they too still suffer with sweats. I don' t see why you should be deemed too old for HRT.

I think it is solvable and you don' t have to put up with it.

Do get back to me if you would like further information about the bioidentical cream.

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Thank you.. I'm going to book an appt to see my GP this week & see what they say.

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I do hope you get sorted Heather. Until you have experienced hot flushes/sweats you don't know how uncomfortable and disruptive they can be. Good luck!x

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I could not agree more with that statement!!!

Thanks everyone.

Heather, I have been on Evoril Conti HRT patches for 5 years I am now 61 and they control all the sweats and flushes, I came off my patches recently for 2 weeks and ong I felt so ill without them, sleepness, sweats, flushes, aching body, upset stomach it was really awful. I immediately went back on them and overnight felt better, don't suffer in silence. I am also borderline Hypothyroid, I have Hashimotos with a TSH of 6.03 Ft3 and Ft4 in range so won't put me on thyroid meds yet. I have positive antibodies too. I have adopted a gluten free diet and am taking Vitd3 and iron supplements, going to now consider selenium and B12 to get those levels optimal. I feel so much better by just doing this without the thyroid meds at the moment. Hope this helps.


I went gluten free 11months ago which has helped tremendously, it's just the sweats really.

I am going to see my GP & hopefully they will give me something to help.

It's not easy is it? There are so many of us suffering.

Thanks for replying.

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