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Results are in! 😊

Hi everyone my TPO results are in.....

TPO (KAT) normal no action required <10iu/ml (<60.00iu/ml)

I'm more surprised at my TSH being 0.41 (0.30-6.00) it's never been that low, it would appear that using a HRT patch instead of tablets and waking up and hour before I get up and taking my Levo is doing the trick!

My eosinophil count is up but it usually is, this is my white blood cell count and relates to allergies/immunity apparently

!eosinophil count 0.7 10*9/L (0.00-0.4010*9/L)

I have to go for a Diabetes check next week as my Cholesterol is still high at 6.1 I didn't realise the two were linked!

Any thoughts?

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Hi Shazy, your adrenal gland uses cholesterol to make all the hormones it supplies. That includes the sex hormones. I wonder how your patch affects that. This video explains why cholesterol is so important.

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A synopsis would be great :-).


Ha, I would love to edit these videos. I may just note the minute minder to the right area, good idea!


I have been hypo for 12 years, convinced it was due to having a hysterectomy 2 years prior, I've been quite well for the majority of it but about 5 years ago started suffering with terrible anxiety and panic attacks, my TSH was all over the place it was 11.2 at one point despite taking 100mcg of Levo daily. I'm certain I have Hashi's and sure that I was told my TPO was 350 when I was first diagnosed. Although I have felt quite well this year I am struggling to lose weight hence me asking could my anti bodies be tested for Hashi's. I have reactive hypoglycaemia diagnosed by having a glucose tolerance test last year, I had gallstones resulting in having a cholecystectomy in July.


Shazy, this is very typical since hormones affect each of the others. Your adrenal gland is very central to all of them. It regulates almost everything once the hypothalamus sends messages to it. Please watch the video as it ties it all together.

You may end up using progesterone.


Thanks Heloise but I've already tried it in cream form and within a few days I had a migraine. I am already on a HRT patch and my GP is trying to stop prescribing as I have had 3 migraines in as many weeks. I am resisting as its taken me such a long time to regulate my oestrogen, it was undetectable when I was taking it in tablet form along side my thyroxine. It seemed one was cancelling the other out and I was so ill! My hormones are obviously still low as my results say Perimenopausal but there's no chance they will increase it and while I feel ok I'm happy to just coast along.


What is in your patch, Shazy, just estrogen?

This man is very easy to understand in these 5 min. videos.

Is TPO the only thyroid test?


The endo I seen a couple of years ago totally poo pood me when I said I thought I had adrenal fatigue saying there's no such thing!

My labs say I'm peri menopausal no action


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