Our complete review is now published in final form

I said earlier we had successfully submitted and had accepted a review of thyroid function and control, whose implications should be helpful to all here. Some of it I'm afraid is hard going, but we had to include the complicated cell biology to complete the picture. Nevertheless, there are enough clear statements and proof/support regarding TSH inadequacy and T3 supplementation to give you a good view of what it is we've shown. The open-source link is:


We now await the Lancet supporting letter to be finalised and published.

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  • Thanks a million Diogenes and it's a great achievement that it has been accepted. We await with bated breath now for reactions hopefully very positive.

  • Well done, thank you and good luck with it.

  • Thank you all, so much xx

  • Many thanks great work.

  • Just finished reading the article over lunch! Excellent and lots of concepts I didn't know about before to follow up on (e.g. the iodothyroacetates, and thyronamines). In any case, it seems increasingly clear that the situation is FAR more complex than the simple negative feedback loop (resulting in the log-linear relationship between FT4 (or FT3) and TSH) which many doctors seem to believe in. I hope more patients are able to find sympathetic doctors who understand the current research in the field and can treat them accordingly.

  • 'Let the bells ring out'. Great work. I felt the urge to print it out and run to my local endocrinology department. Don't have enough energy though because they only test my TSH. lol

    Thank you and can't wait for it to be cited back to me :-)

  • I'll be taking a copy to my endocrinologist!!

  • Well done, must have been a lot of hard work.

  • Thank you ,and all the best with it.

  • This is fantastic news. How long will it take to be acknowledged by NICE? They will be the ones won't they to advise GPs? Or can they follow advice if it is in The Lancet?

  • On the basis that NICE hasn't yet addressed any thyroid disorder (from memory, just one thyroid-related issue at all), I shall not be holding my breath for their pronouncements.

    Doctors are free to follow any advice that they can justify. For example, they could pick up hypothyroidism guidelines from the USA, Russia or China. If they could argue that they are good guidelines, should push come to shove in front of the GMC, and other impositions on them (such as not being allowed to prescribe certain medicines) don't prevent their being used. Of course, the first question would always be "Why are you not following UK guidelines?".

  • If hard fact doesn't move minds, we're all doomed. Something has to give sometime even if not today or tomorrow.

  • Excellent news and huge congratulations on all your hard work on behalf of so many grateful sufferers. We are in your debt and appreciate the massive effort and sheer volume of work involved.

  • I love this paper. Finally, someone tackling the diagnostic complexity of thyroid dysfunction.

    Thank you for that.

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