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A bit of understanding if possible re b12 and auto

Hi again

My B results a bit low, shall I take a b12 on top of a hood b complex? Guess I'm asking how much total I should take daily to try get level up

Concerns that my main symptom for years has been anxiety although had a lot of life big stuff too but I have also had undiagnosed tinnitus for 16 yrs and cognitively have been all over the place for years and with ptsd but now finally calmer inside although not focused particularly I don't have the high worries of single parent pressure now, ( like coming out of a bad nightmare feeling ) and starting levo in tiny amount, I know many won't understand this but had swimmy head on 25 so now having just 12 - ( have gotten a bit health phobic )

Concern that auto high and wondering if this can be caused from ongoing discomfort/pain I have had for four years in hip

Wondering if can get hold of past auto results as moved area and doctors - that is if they were taken? Might sound odd but would also like to know if my lovely late mum had this going on? Bless her as she used to sigh and say 'she felt she had been flogged'!! Good description! Can you get into her old records I wonder, probably not!

Any thoughts please much appreciTed


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You can get all your old medical records. If you moved over a year ago your current GP practice should now have them. You just need to do a formal Data Subject Access request, pay the money which is around £50, then turn up at the agreed appointment time with notepads and pens to look through your medical records and make notes.

In regards to dead relations - as a family we have only gone through their medical notes a few months after they have died. I can't remember how long the NHS and companies are obliged to keep records for of deceased people but as they are no longer relevant as the person isn't living they can and must legally destroy them in a timely manner under the Data Protection Act.

In regards to your vitamin B12 issues it is best to ask questions on the pernicious aneamia society on health unlocked as they are the vitamin B12 experts.


Thankyou blue bug for v helpful info


Just be aware that some GPs aren't happy for a patient to go through their old medical notes even if that GP didn't write them and can be obstructive.

If you do have to have an appointment to explain why you want to see them just state why e.g. you want to check you reported things and you aren't interested in suing them.



If someone is paying £50 for their GP medical records they should be given photocopies of the records so there is no need for them to make an appointment to make notes.



If you want to access your deceased mother's medical records there should be information how to do so in

You are not obliged to explain to your practice why you want your records. If the practice is obstructive the link above explains what you should do to get your records.

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Many thanks


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