Temperature drops on NDT

Hi guys.been on NDT (thiroyd) for about 5 weeks now. Was doing much better, afternoon temps around 37° and waking temps around 36.5°.felt more awake,aches and pains diminished, sugar cravings almost non existent and appetite normalised. But then about a week ago, at 2 grains, I started to feel exhausted in the afternoons, falling asleep on the sofa, depression started setting in and so I raised to 2 1/4.it doesn't help that I've been a lot busier and physically active since the raise,but now I'm feeling MORE hypo and afternoon temp has dropped to 35.8° over past few days.

Do I just need to raise again or is there more going on here? I take iron,selenium,zinc,magnesium,amino acids,b12,vitamin D and vitamin C daily....

Why would I get WORSE after an increase?

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  • It does take a while to get to a dose which makes you feel much better and it is trial and error. Maybe this link will be helpful to you.


  • Have read this a few times.just confused as to why I feel well and have good temperatures for a while and then experience temperature drops and more symptoms a week down the line.

  • When first starting NDT, one needs to track one's temp because this can be an excellent indicator for when you need to raise your dosage again. It is recommended that you raise no sooner or later than every 10 - 14 days until you are 'optimized'. Then test at the six - eight week mark.

    When I first switched from synthroid to Armour, I was doing cartwheels. It was fabulous. But that initial euphoria didn't last and I had to raise my dosage within a few weeks. Try raising your dosage by 1/2 grain (30 mgs) and give it a week or so. Low iron or adrenal exhaustion can make it difficult to stabilize natural thyroid dosages. If you don't improve, you might want to run blood tests to ck for other things. Saliva testing is best for cortisol/adrenals. Continue to ck your

    body temp and heart rate daily. Body temp should start increasing again within a few days after bumping up your dosage of NDT. The trick is to find that 'sweet spot'... not too little, not too much.

  • can i just ask what the body temp should be if we are optimised? :)

  • It depends... on when, how measured, and other factors.


  • Well, average body temp (normal for most... can be a little higher/little lower) here in the states is 98.6 degrees. Don't know the UK equivalency. It is suggested that the temp be taken at about the same time each day (mid-afternoon is good).


  • Sometimes our temp doesn't come back to 'normal' but if we feel well and warm that's o.k.

    This is an excerpt:

    Unfortunately, patients cannot get glass mercury thermometers anymore. We have some of these, however, and we’ve compared temperature readings with them to readings by digital thermometers. We’ve found that digital thermometers often give readings that are almost a full degree higher or lower than readings given by the glass thermometers. So, the lack of correlation may be a result of poor reliability of digital thermometers. Obviously, before we can finish the studies in a meaningful way, we must work out this problem; otherwise, we could reach a false conclusion about the usefulness of the basal body temperature. Of course, we won’t allow that to happen.

    Over the years, we've found that some patients’ low basal temperatures don't increase, or don't increase much, despite them fully recovering from their hypothyroid symptoms by using T3 or Armour Thyroid. Molecular and physiological principles lead me to a conjecture about the persisting low temperatures of these patients.


  • phoenix23002 - Wish someone had told me this way back. By not following [due to fear as result of a dreadful arrhythmia... hypothyroidism left too long], I had great relief and just left it there, so missed my 'sweet spot' opportunity with NDT. Moved to T3 alone as a result.

  • Linda... some sufferers do wonderfully on T 3 only. What ever works, right?

  • Yeah phoenix, just kind of wish I'd stuck with it to see... thinking natural is better!? Hey, I'd have taken horses sh*t and tram tickets [as my granny used to say] if it worked ;-) x

  • It is such an individual thing. I went from T4 (my year from hell) to NDT with nary a blip but some struggle to find the right meds... then to find the right dosage. LOL.. your grannie was right..

  • Raised to 2.5 about a week ago.temperatures rose and I actually felt amazing.aches and pains hit me hard today and temperature has dropped by half a degree.felt a bit cold and exhausted today. It's looking like I need to increase in quarters weekly. But had a night out on the weekend and it seems the alcohol and painkillers have taken a toll on my adrenals because my heart rate is around 100.not palps.just fast heartrate.not sure whether to allow longer for adrenal recovery before raising and tolerate the hypo symptoms or just increase

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