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Temperature raised "artificially"?

I was wondering if you could help me to figure out what's going on with

my temps. My last labs showed my thyroid numbers almost at the right

ranges. T3 slightly high even though. I was on 3 grains + 25mg T3. And my temps were

stable. Getting around 97.8 at mornings and 98.6 in the afternoon.

Even though I was getting a bit of hotness, choking, and kind of

breathless when extra moving.

So my Endo said I should stop taking T3

(since NDT already also contains T3. He likes NDT thks God), to lower

the high T3 and also lower to 2 grains + combined with 50 mg of T4

levothyroxine to raise a bit my stubborn T4. (He said this combination is

a good one for stubborn T4). However, after lowering all the dosages

explained above, and in despite my hotness, choking and breathless been

reduced drastically, my temps lowered abreast too. Now mornings temps lowered at 97.2 and afternoons at 97.4/97.6. So I thought if I add 12.5mg T3 my temps will start raising again. And they did!

So my QUESTION: am I raising my temps artificially? What if I wouldn't using T3 to raise it, they still will be low flat-out?

What do you think?

These were my latter labs:

Labs Collected: 05/11/2016 10:17 ( I was on 3 grains plus 25 mg of t3

by the time I took these labs, so since on May 2016 I dropped to 2

grains + t4 50mg of levoythyroxine and nothing of T3 to reduce the high


T3, FREE: 5.3 High 2.3-4.2 (pg/mL)

T4, FREE: 0.9 "normal" 0.8-1.8 (ng/dL)

So any thoughts? Ty in advance

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Ummm... Your endo is an idiot? What does it matter if your FT4 is low? You don't need it. When you are taking any form of T3, your FT4 will be low. It doesn't matter. The body only hangs on to what it needs. It doesn't want loads of unconverted T4 to be sloshing around in the blood, causing mischief. And you don't need to convert it because you're taking T3.

Now you've raised your T4 and lowered your T3, and it looks like you can't convert it, because your symptoms are coming back. Low temperatures are symptoms, and raising them by taking T3 is not artificially raising them. Raising temperatures is one of the things that T3 is supposed to do. I think your endo ought to go back to med school, and learn a bit about the thyroid and how it works. (Well, you did ask! lol)


Yeah, I know most are, and this one particularly is pretty egocentric. I am just acting as if I were following his instructions just to get the prescriptions cuz it saves me money. But Ok, so now what. Should I keep then my actual dosage which is 2 ndt grains + 12.5mg T3 + 50mg of T4? I mean, my temps are ok now with this actual dosage. But not sure according to what you just wrote.


Well, if you feel ok on that dose, then stay on it. It's more about how you feel than the numbers on a lab test.

You asked if you were artificially raising your temperature. All I said was no. That's what T3 is supposed to do. Nothing artificial about it. That's all. I can't comment on which dose you feel best on. I just think your doctor's an idiot to want to raise the T4 at the cost of your T3, that's all.


Hello Greygoose! I didn't communicate for last 12 weeks,I know that you not administrator ,but I respect your opinion . I corrected my dose of T3 by combining with NDT. And now much easier for me to keep 2 hours between meal and meds, also easier to keep 4 hours between Mag,vitD3 and trace minerals and next dose of T3 early evening. Thank you!!! Currently, I am on the level of 60 mg of NDT and 30 mcg T3( splited in two dose)

My pulse rate is 90-100, ,but my Temperature at 3 pm still 98.2-98.1. Finally after trying for 12 weeks to reduce my RT3 (18.9)

By adding T3 .I got my new lab test results:

T4free= 0.94 ng/dl range( 0.82-1.77)

T3 free=5.6 High!!! Pg//ml (2.0-4.4)

RT3 = 15.9ng/dl ( 9.2-24.1) not much lower than before...

So my plan to reduce my T3 by reducing 1) NDT from 60 mg to 30 mg ,due to poor converting ability of T4 to T3 ( my rt3 still high)

2) and reduce T3 from 30 mcg to 25mcg

(NDT 30 mg plus 12.5 T3 in the morning and 12.5 T3 late afternoon)

My ferritin still high, even higher now: was 190ng/ml currently 224 ng/ml Range(15-150). But I have good news: my holesterol always was 267 ,currently after 12 weeks on T3 is 205!!!

My weight was 119-120 lb ,now 113lb (sorry this is approximately

2lb is 1 kilo.) I need you reassurance ,or advice if I am planing the right way. I am self medicating due to mostly all endos are stupid

My liver is inlaged due to fatty liver, I believe, my ferritin is high due to liver problems. Never was inlaged ! I did my sonogram 3 yrs ago and was normal. I repeated now and this is a verdict -inlaged!!!! Taking milk thistle seeds capsules

Graitful for your advice!




Esther, we shouldn't really be squatting Xanderusa's thread. And I do find it slightly insulting to say 'I know you aren't admin but I respect your opinion anyway'. Just because people are admin, doesn't mean they have special training and know more than everyone else. 'Admin' just means they deal with the day to day running of the site. Not that they are superior to everyone else.

Everybody has some rT3, it's a natural mechanism to protect the body. Yours isn't particularly high, so I wonder why you think that is your problem.

Good idea to reduce your T3 a bit, though - although perhaps not a good idea to reduce both T3 and NDT at the same time. One or the other. I think it should be the T3.

I don't know anything about fatty liver, I'm afraid. Good that your weight is coming down, but don't worry about the cholesterol.

So, it seems like you are on the right track. But how do you feel? Please answer in a new thread so as not to inconvenience Xander any further. :)


Thank you !!!! I was thinking ,that only administrator can answer ,but others can only to comment. Sorry!!!

No offense ! I feel ok ,but my pulse rate is bothering me .its around 98-94!!! And my insomnia returned.

I feel gittery some times. And my weight still dropping ,I am only 50 kr today! Like at my twenties!

Ha,ha,. Thinking after stabilizing my Cytomel, to change later my NDT Erfa . I think,it's not working anymore, due to company changing the manufacturer. Many complains regarding this particular NDT on yahoo forum.

Sincerely ,



Esther, no problem.

Your pulse is high because of your high FT3. It should go down as your FT3 goes down.

I don't know why you think the Erfa isn't working. You seem to be on the right track. See how it goes when you get the T3 down a bit. :)


Hello again! NDT Erfa changed manufacturers factory ,after that many patient,who on Erfa thyroid started complaining that many hypo symptoms returned.... Including me....

Thank you again for reoshurance !!!

When I stabilize T3 amount, I will search

For good Bovine NDT! I want to try some thing different . Any advice?

Graitfull ,



Well, I wouldn't advise bovine NDT. What's wrong with porcine?

I would suggest you start your own thread and ask people what they think of bovine NDT - if such a thing exists. :)


Hello GreyGoose! Yes, the bovine NDT existed for some time. Thyrar- it's bovine one, new one- Thyrovanz, Thyrogold been for some time also. The Thyrogold it good one,but contain Forscolli (FORSCOLIN )

Which interferes with B450-hepatic enzymes, and outcome is increased fat deposition in liver. This is will be more harm for my already fatty liver. I think, I am allergic to pork. I tried couple times and every time had stomach problems.

I will check others too.

Thank you for respond



Oh, yes. I'd forgotten that Thyrogold was bovine. Yes, you could be allergic to pork. But I thought bovine was just used for glandulars, with no hormones in them.

But, perhaps rather than being allergic to pork, you might be 'allergic' to T4, and need to be on T3 only.


I decrises NDT from 1 grain to 1/2 grain and slowly reduced from 30 mcg T3 to 25 mcg splited dose and still have pulse rate 95-98even after4 hours of taking dose . I don't know what else to do? It's very discouraging ...I have Cortisol issue too,

Morning Cortisol High15. Range(1-9)

The rest is on lower side normal...

Tried to get information how to normalize all 4 levels of cortisol ,but could not find.

Do you have any expertise about cortisol?


Esya, you'd be better off asking about this in a new question. Not many people are going to read this thread anymore, it's way down on the list. :)



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Absolutely right - admins are just here to help with smooth running. When we do answer, our answers are neither more official nor better than others. Each answer needs to be taken on its own merits and not because of some label next to the name.



As I advised in last post .... [ .. I feel reducing the T3 might have been enough as stopping completely, whilst starting T4 with your NDT is a double whammy. The T3 in the NDT will now have to stretch further as is required to convert the additional T4 but lets hope it's enough because you don't want any further med changes just yet... ]..

You will only raise temps with the ACTIVE hormone T3. As GG states .. [ .. Raising temps is one of the things T3 is supposed to do ... ]... ! ! ....


I am sorry Xsanderusa, I didn't realize that this your reply was for me...

Please confirm

Thank you,


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Its OK. I learned from ur post too. Everything helps.


I have the same thing,my heart pulse rate is almost like I am after heavy exercise! I know this is due to ubnormality of Cortisol. I did 24 hours saliva test and it shows,that morning 7-8 amCortisol very high and 11 am,4pm ,and 11 at night is border line normal( on lover side of normal) . That why ,you and me not benefiting from NDT and Cytomel. At first ,we need to fix Cortisol than work on thyroid meds

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i undesrtand , yeah I have been on my adrenal cocktail for more than 1 year.

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Do you have high,or low??? Most people have has mix of low and high...


Actually my saliva test one year ago showed low in the A.M and high in the P.M, But my last cortisol bloodwork showed my cortisol was "ok". Even though people say the bloodwork is not reliable. I do feel more energy but sometimes I feel sleepy.


My high in the morning . I don't know how to aproch ... Tulsi plant, astragals lowering Cortisol. If I take them ... It's means I make lower ate portion of the day... No win situation .


For high there is no better thing than a holy basil tea. Also, zinc/copper will work too. I use 50mg. Make sure that it contains copper to avoid gradients. For low cortisol you will need adrenal cortex.


Sorry , I type via phone one thing , but came out different thing . Please ,disregard mistakes.


I already purchased tulsi tea. Do you think ,I need to drink only in the morning? And

Himalayan salt cocktail with coconut water( to replace tartar) and trace minerals in it afternoon? This is my next step . Do you think it's help?


I am not cognoscenti about the tulsi tea but I think it makes part of the adaptogens. If they lower your high cortisol you should drink it ONLY in the morning. The tartar should be replaced only if you have gluten sensitivity. Otherwise you will be ok. Tartar will bring a nice amount of potassium. When we have adrenal problems is pretty know that it depletes Potassium, Vit B levels, Vit D too. Trace minerals should be mixed into the cocktail too. Just mix it everything in one drink. I've been on it for about 1 year and a half and it has improved slightly.

Let me tell you about my adrenal cocktail again:

* A pinch of saltic salt

* Orange juice or lemon juice of your preference.

* TRULY Vit C.

* Coconut oil

* Licorice root (only for two weeks. Rest for two weeks, and then start it again. This is helpful for the aldosterone problem which it goes usually abreast with adrenal problems).

* Protein milkshake. (optional. It's been said protein helps a lot specially when you have sugar cravings or insulin resistance)

I take it all along with my other Vitamins: B complex, B12, B6, Hydroxo B12 (if you have mutations. I did my ADN test for this).

So if you have high cortisol you should take your tea along with the milshake. In the nights you should take some way of adrenal cortex.

You should check your cortisol levels every three months.

More info:



Misconceptions about Adrenals and treatment:

Facebook group for Adrenals (check the files. Recommended):


Thank you!!! I just can't afford to check my Cortisol so often, I am retired. I also did my 23 & me. It wasn't mention this mutation.



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