My metabolism is not slowing down

My metabolism is not slowing down

I’m female, 60 (157cm, 50kg). I‘m losing my weight gradually, with excessive n freequent urine production, often 1liter at night, from that sleeping problems. No THIRST, no matter how much I drink. Having no fat in my flesh, what disturbs hormones production. Hot flushes at night. I have pain in my right kidney when wake up feeling weak n frail, although I’m fit n energetic person n a runner, but CT scan is ok. I‘d look scrawny if not for my breasts which are staying quite big for my petite frame due to thick glandular fabric. Eating is my favourite thing. I asked endocrinologist for antidiuretic hormone vasopressin prescription for a trial period but he told my results of thyroid n vasopressin are in range, all lays in my anxiety(?) n menopause (I got it 15 years ago at age of 45). Aging n hypochondria? I asked for my lab test results but not received thyroid, blood n urine tests, only my hydration results: urine osmolality 184 n serum osmolality 287, electrolytes n adrenaline, noradrenaline, creatinine, dopamine-ok , homovanilic acid-38 (0-40), EGRF 80 the rate of blood flow through the kidneys. So the kidneys look ok.

for urine osm is: ‘The normal 24-hour urine osmolality is, on average, 500-800 mOsm/kg of water. Random urine osmolality should average 300-900 mOsm/kg of water. After 12-14 hours of fluid intake restriction, the urine osmolality should exceed 850 mOsm/kg of water. May 13, 2014’ And mine is only 184 what means my kidneys can’t concentrate urine, passing it out too fast. Interpretation of that is hard to me cos i can read also that urine osm should be at least 3 times higher than serum, what looks inconsistent... I was discharged after 1-st visit to endo n now nothing changed despite my optimistic feeling at hearing a good news. Serum osm. looks ok. Plase Help !!! Bozena

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  • Hi Bozena

    I've looked at your Profile page but there's no history of a thyroid gland dysfunction. I'm sorry but don't have the knowledge to respond to your post above and hope someone will come along who may be able to.

    Have you been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism (which seems likely due to your symptoms) or hypothyroidism. Are you on levothyroxine or other thyroid hormones?

  • Has diabetes insipidus been thought about or tested for by your doctors

  • Hyperthyroidism & diabetes insipidus has been thought about n tested & ruled out by your doctors. Also kidneys. My TSH & T4 are OK. However my LOW urine osmolality looks like diabetes insipidus. I also have NO THIRST what is clear symptom of antidiuretic hormone vasopressin inactive. However for doctor, looks like only serum osmolality is important, but not the PROPORTION between both of them. I didn’t see my results ealier so I couldn’t talk about that to doctor. Now I have to visit endocrinologist privately to talk ab diabetis insipidius and hypertroiditism. I’v never taken any hormones in my life, only for menopause for 2-3 months a year ago from GP, who blamed menopause for my complaints (hot flushes after 15 years from menopause!) . Bozena

  • Without the actual results for TSH and T4 and all of your symptoms its hard for us to help you

    Do you use aluminium or non stick coated cookware or have a water supply thats been treated with aluminium or flouride ....can cause havoc in the body

    Docs wrong to blame menopause

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