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What else to try?

Hi all

I posted on here a while ago.

I went back to the doctors two months ago with a water infection, they tested my blood too and said I had hypothyroidism. The doc prescribed levothyroxine and I started taking the tablets. Within days I felt 100 times worse. I persevered and it got worse. I started getting shooting Pains in my arms, joints and shoulders. I came off the medication and went onto an organic diet with supplements to try and get the toxins out of my body.

I took iodine (on my skin) amino acids, magnesium, selenium and vitamin D.

It took weeks but I started feeling a little better but the Pains in my hands and wrists did not go. The doctor said I had carpel tunnel syndrome and a calcium deficiency, but my thyroid was fine.

I'm now taking more supplements and water retention tablets to help with the carpel tunnel syndrome.

I feel very low at the moment. I can barely get out-of bed I'm so tired. I get headaches, heart palpitations, I cry daily as I feel like the problem just isn't fixed. It's affecting my work, relationships and putting a strain on my mental wellbeing.

I'm having acupuncture in the hope it may also help. The acupuncturist said the doctors should test my parathyroid because it regulates calcium absorption. She said the docs will try and avoid this as it's expensive. My doctor refused to do this test.

Today I went back and my doctor said my thyroid was fine. She implied that my problem is psychological.

I'm the point of sheer despair.

I'm at the point of giving up. I just don't know what else I can do?

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What were the results of your thyroid blood tests, with ranges? From your symptoms, you could be hypo and need meds but didn't do well on thyroxine or were put on too low a starter dose which makes you feel worse.


Have just read your thread of a month ago. Still no details of your Thyroid Test results. Difficult to advise without them. Did you manage to have all the other tests that were helpfully suggested a month ago ?

Sorry - I know you are really feeling rotten - but without good information people are not able to assist in your progress.

From intuition - I would say the CTS is due to LOW B12 and LOW VitD and LOW T3 - but without test results as a guide I am only guessing. If the above-mentioned are low they affect so many aspects of your health and wellbeing.

Please - give us more information - and we will all have you well in not time :-)

Saying your thyroid is fine is not good enough - obtain copies of your results that say fine and post them here for comments....

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I totally agree! 'Fine' is an opinion, not a diagnosis. Insist on having the figures - it's your legal right to have them.

Diet and suppléments and acupuncture may help a lot, but they won't replace thyroid hormones. And iodine can be down-right dangerous! And that sounds like a selection just picked out of thin air with no backing evidence that you needed them. Taking suppléments with that attitude just gets you nowhere. You need a more scientific approach. You need to know why you're taking them. And how much to take.

That may sound a little harsh. and if you just needed a rant - as we all do from time to time - then I apologise. but if you want people to make constructive comments, then you have to give the détails. Otherwise, any comments will be just a shot in the dark and could do more harm than good.

Take care. :)


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